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Is ‘American Gigolo’ Predicated on a genuine Story?

Showtime’s new series, American Gigolo, sees Jon Bernthal undertake the role of a male escort Julian Kaye, who’s falsely accused of murder.

After getting his name cleared carrying out a 15-year prison sentence, Kaye helps it be his mission to find the reality behind his incarceration.

Viewers could be wondering just how much of the story in American Gigolo holds true. Here is all you need to learn.

Is ‘American Gigolo’ Predicated on a genuine Story?

The short answer is, no, American Gigolo isn’t based on a genuine story since it is truly a remake of Paul Schrader’s 1980 film of exactly the same name.

Schrader’s film stars Richard Gere in the title role of Julian Kaye and follows the type in LA as he becomes romantically entangled with a politician’s wife, Michelle Stratton (Lauren Hutton), and finds himself the prime suspect in a murder.

American Gigolo
Jon Bernthal as Julian Kaye in “American Gigolo,” that is in line with the 1980 film of exactly the same name, rather than on a genuine story.Warrick Page/Showtime

The film and Showtime series share this same premise, but American Gigolo goes beyond Schrader’s original story by focusing more on the aftermath of Kaye’s amount of time in prison than it can on which came before.

Kaye does also become romantically associated with Stratton (played by Gretchen Mol) in the show, however in the remake she actually is the wife of a technology businessman.

During his imprisonment Kaye became estranged from Stratton, but once his name is finally cleared he tries to reconnect with her.

The 2022 iteration of American Gigolo also sees Kaye try to discover who framed him so when he does so, he starts to understand that the net of lies is a lot bigger than he initially imagined.

Showtime’s remake of American Gigolo doesn’t have any link with director Schrader, he’s got revealed.

The filmmaker said in a Facebook post shared in June he believed it adaptation was “a negative idea” and he had didn’t be engaged with the show when he was asked about coming up to speed.

Schrader told fans: “Following the Showtime trailer appeared online I am asked easily am involved. The solution is not any.

“Some years back I received a call from Paramount asking about remaking American Gigolo as a string. I replied that I thought it had been an awful ideatimes had changed, internet porn had redefined male sex work, viruses, etc. I couldn’t imagine Julian Kaye working a Hen Party I thought that has been the finish of it.”

The director explained he was approached another time concerning the series, where he was informed the show was going ahead without his involvement.

He said: “Here were my options: (1) take $50G rather than be engaged (2) take $0 rather than be engaged (3) threaten a pricey and futile lawsuit rather than be engaged. I took the $50G.”

Schrader figured he previously no intention of watching the show because he felt he “couldn’t be objective about any of it and, even though I possibly could, it’s an excessive amount of agita.”

American Gigolo premieres Sunday, September 11 on Showtime at 9 p.m. ET.

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