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IS IT POSSIBLE TO Split Screen on iPhone?

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Splitting your screen could make multitasking a cinch, enabling you to use apps side-by-side without needing to constantly switch between them. Its an easy task to do of all PCs, Macs, the iPad, and also on Android. But think about iPhone?

Unfortunately, you cant split your iPhones screen to utilize multiple apps simultaneously, at the very least not in the manner youre probably hoping. However, you may use features like picture-in-picture and fast app switching to multitask. Well demonstrate how exactly to access these options on your own phone.

Warning: You might find articles on the web discussing screen-splitting methods that involve jailbreaking your iPhone. Doing this voids your phones warranty and could cause other software problems on your own phone. We dont recommend one to do this. Instead, utilize the methods below.

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Use Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode on iPhone

If its a video that youd prefer to watch when you perform other tasks, it is possible to use your iPhones picture-in-picture mode to achieve that. This mode detaches your video from its original location and makes the video float over your screen. In the rest of the screen area, you may use your other apps.

iPhones PiP mode is on iOS 14 and later. It is possible to enable it by going to Settings > General > Picture in Picture and toggling on Start PiP Automatically.

Turn on

Then, launch a PiP-supported app, play your video, and tap the PiP icon on the video. Now you can drag your videos floating window and stick it wherever you need on your own screen.

iPhones Picture-in-Picture Supported Apps

Most video apps support iPhones picture-in-picture mode. These apps include many official Apple apps, such as for example Apple TV, Safari, FaceTime, Podcasts, Home, and Music. Some third-party apps include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN, FOX NOW,HBO Max, Hulu, SHOWTIME, Tubi, Vudu, and much more.

Also, all browsers support PiP mode, so that you can utilize the feature while playing a video on a niche site. You may use this technique for YouTube because the platforms official app doesnt support PiP mode without the Premium subscription on the iPhone.

Fast Switch Apps to Multitask on your own iPhone

Another solution to multitask on your own iPhone in the lack of the split screen feature is by using fast app switching. It is possible to quickly switch between your open apps on your own iPhone and multitask this way.

To achieve that, swipe left or from the bottom of one’s iPhones screen. Itll navigate in the middle of your launched apps.

Swipe to the left or right from the iPhone's bottom bar.

And thats ways to use a handful of methods to multitask and become more productive together with your iPhone. Enjoy!

In the event you dont know, Apple offers Split Take on its iPad and Mac devices. So, it might arrive on the iPhone eventually. If so when that occurs, well publish a how-to guide teaching you how exactly to utilize the feature.

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