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Istanbul Blockchain Week: The Huge Web3 Event Is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!

In November, the Istanbul Blockchain Week (IBW) will host its premier web3 event in the stunning city of Istanbul, Turkey. The week-long mega event will concentrate on DeFi, trading, DAOs, Web3, CAPITAL RAISING, and in addition crypto regulation. Whats more, there will be considered a dedicated NFT day! Occurring between November 14th 17th, that is a fantastic education, fun, and networking opportunity at a premier Web3 event.

Image of Istanbul Blockchain Week logo and text
The Istanbul Blockchain Week begins on 14th November and day tickets start at 149

Some big names already are registered to speak as of this years event, including Binance, Coinbase, and Mastercard. Day ticket prices start at 149 ranging to 2,999 for a VIP week-long ticket, so are there tickets for everybody, no matter your allowance.

Welcome to The Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022

Situated in northwest Turkey, Istanbul is really a city that requires no introduction. As Europes most populous city and something of the oldest, this is a vast city of cultural and historical importance to the planet. Istanbul was founded in the 7th Century BCE, and folks have lived in the town for a large number of years.

On the centuries, the town has changed and adapted to the requirements of its people and the technology available. Now, in the 21st century we enter a fresh digital age, Istanbul may be the perfect spot to host the Istanbul Blockchain Week.

Turkey includes a thriving blockchain ecosystem

20% of the Turkish population owns or uses cryptocurrency, and over 25 million Turks remain unbanked. For this reason, Turkey is among the most fertile grounds for the growth of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technology.

Turkey represents the perfect location to create together the heavyweights of web3 alongside policymakers, capital raising, and large web2 brands seeking to break right into web3,

says Erhan Korhaliller, founder of Istanbul Blockchain Week and CEO of Blockchain PR Agency EAK Digital.

Istanbul skyline
Istanbul may be the most populous city in Europe and contains an incredible history!

What’s happening at Istanbul Blockchain Week?

It is a premier event of Web3 and digital assets in the Eurasia region and promises to become a week of incredible speakers, people, plus much more. The complete week occurs at the luxurious Hilton Bomonti Hotel.

The week will host a listing of world-class speakers on a few of the most critical issues in blockchain today. Therefore, you will see lots to accomplish and see through the week. It is possible to attend panels, events, and discussions on investment. Furthermore, you will see talks on privacy, metaverse, NFTs, and worldwide government policies.

Speakers at the Istanbul Blockchain Week

Important folks from over the blockchain world already are confirmed to be attending and speaking at various events at Istanbul Blockchain week. Exchanges, such as for example Binance and Coinbase, will speak, therefore will companies such as for example Vodafone and Mastercard.

Additionally, for all those interested in the continuing future of gaming, Yoshihisa Hashimoto (the former CTO of Square Enix who personally oversaw the ultimate Fantasy and Sonic Unleashed brands) may also give his views, alongside other big names in the market.

The week may also feature diverse speakers from around the world of fashion, music, and entertainment, showcasing the enormous likelihood of web3.

image of man and text about IstanBlock event at Istanbul Blockchain Week
The IstanBlock two day event will showcase Turkey and its own plans for the web3 world.

NFT Day and much more at the Instanbul Blockchain Week

Additionally, there are mini-events within the blockchain week. Up to now, confirmed events include

  • NFT Day November 14th
  • IstanBlock 2022 November 15th to 16th
  • IstanBlock VIP Dinner November 15th
  • W3E Championships Tournament November 17th
  • Istanbul Blockchain Women Meetup TBC
  • BNB Chain Meetup TBC


IstanBlock is really a flagship two-day event in a distinctive and historic venue in Istanbul. The schedule includes exciting content, including educational workshops, hackathons, a networking zone, a VIP dinner, an excellent official afterparty, therefore a lot more.

It is a perfect possibility to find out about how Turkey really wants to turn into a leader in the web3 world and the advantages of investing there.


The Istanbul Blockchain Week wouldnt be complete minus the amazing NFT Day. This incredible event includes some brilliant speakers, panels, and an NFT gallery. Speakers from top NFT projects such as for example Lazy Lions, Hape, and Kusama Kings already are confirmed to speak at the function, with more along the way.

Dont lose out on this original week-long event in another of the worlds most beautiful and welcoming cities. Browse the official Istanbul Blockchain Week website for more information and see what tickets can be found!.

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All investment/financial opinions expressed by aren’t recommendations.

This short article is educational material.

As always, make your personal research before making any type of investment.

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