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Italian tourist dies in Cuba’s first case of monkeypox

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An Italian tourist with monkeypox, the initial reported case in Cuba, has died, the country’s health ministry announced on Monday.

“This patient rapidly deteriorated to , having been unstable since August 18, dying on the afternoon of the 21st,” the ministry said in a statement.

The 50-year-old found its way to Cuba on August 15 and was hospitalized three days later, the statement said.

“The autopsy completed at the Institute of Forensic Medicine showed that the reason for death was sepsis because of bronchopneumonia due to an unspecified germ and multiple organ damage,” it added.

The ministry eliminated the individual having other pathologies of infectious origin, after undertaking studies seeking explanations for the severe nature of his case.

The Italian have been residing in a rented house and visited several places in the western provinces of the united states. On Wednesday he felt “general symptoms” of malaise and visited a health care provider on Thursday since they persisted.

He was rushed to after suffering a that he later recovered.

The man’s close contacts are up to now asymptomatic and stay in isolation, the ministry said.

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