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It’s Quitting Time. Here’s Why

Were you raised to trust that “winners never quit and quitters never win”?

Let me debunk that and let you know instead that:

Deciding when to avoid isn’t quitting, it is a skill.

I am hoping that is one lesson we do better at teaching future generations because, like the majority of things, it’s a lot more nuanced than that!

So when we go on it at face value, we find yourself holding onto a huge amount of items that just don’t serve us, or other people involved, simply out of sheer will because we think grinning and bearing it’s the honorable move to make.

Be it in your job, changing your organization goals (or the entirety of it), your relationships, hobbies, or anything among, there is a difference between quitting since it feels too much and you also don’t desire to put in the task, and experiencing that inner realizing that is letting you know this thing has turned into a fool’s errand in the event that you stay with it.

Only you understand the difference and where that line is.

And only it is possible to know that whenever you utilize your inner knowing (that is a practice).

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