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J-Rod, Mariners on verge of mega-extension (source)

August 26th, 2022

SEATTLE — Julio Rodrguez will be the facial skin of the Mariners for an extended, very long time.

The club is finalizing a long-term cope with the star rookie that’s worth $210 million guaranteed and carries the chance of maxing out because the longest and largest in MLB history at $470 million, in accordance with a source. The club have not confirmed the offer, that could be worth eight, 13, 16 or 18 years, predicated on player and team options.

The structure of the offer has become the complex in baseball history. Listed below are the terms:

  • The bottom is for eight years and $120 million, including this year and running right through 2029. But after 28, the Mariners must determine whether to get a club option that’s influenced by Rodrguezs performance in AL MVP Award voting.
  • The initial club option is for eight or 10 years and ranges from $200 million to $350 million predicated on MVP balloting, whether Rodrguez wins and where he finishes in the preceding seasons. If Seattle exercises its club option, the guaranteed value reaches $320 million and may possibly push as high as $470 million. The biggest contract by total value in MLB history may be the 12-year, $426.5 million deal that Mike Trout signed with the Angels in 2019.
  • If the Mariners dont grab the choice after Rodrguezs seventh season, he is able to exercise a new player option following his eighth season (2029) for five years and $90 million — which underlines the 13-year structure and $210 million floor. Its also possible that Rodrguez could ignore the ball player option and reach free agency before turning 30.

The worthiness of the club option will breakdown the following:

  • $200 million over eight years if Rodrguez receives no MVP votes in his first eight seasons
  • $240 million if he finishes in the very best 10 twice or thrice
  • $260 million if he finishes in the very best 10 four times
  • $280 million if he wins one MVP Award and places in the very best five an added time, or places in the very best five 3 x without winning
  • $350 million if he wins two MVP Awards or places in the very best five four times without winning

The bottom deal buys out Rodrguezs pre-arbitration years, which probably wouldve only included 2022-23 in line with the probability of him achieving Super Two status, and the arbitration years, which may function as four years after if he attained Super Two, and also two free-agent years — all at a $15 million average annual value, prior to the club and player options enter into play. The initial that Rodrguez couldve achieved free agency wouldve been following the 2027 season.

Initially, it appears like a win-win for both sides: The Mariners secure an emerging cornerstone at potentially below-market value in the long run, and Rodrguez locks up a guaranteed $210 million, which may currently tie for the 24th-richest deal in baseball history, per Cot’s Baseball Contracts, with the opportunity to earn a lot more.

It could easily function as largest guaranteed deal signed under Mariners president of baseball operations Jerry Dipoto, whos been with the club since October 2015, blowing at night previous most of $115 million for Robbie Ray last offseason.

The uniqueness and creativity of the offer aligns with Dipotos front office, specifically for a pre-arbitration player, and there’s some unprecedented nature in the structure given the multiple escalators and the ball player and team options.

Rodrguezs base deal from 2022-29 is related to what the Braves decided to with Ronald Acua Jr., who signed an eight-year, $100 million extension in 2019 after winning the NL Rookie of the entire year Award in 18. Acuas deal, which doesn’t are the financial security of Rodrguez’s $90 million player option, has since been viewed in the market as quite team friendly.

Fernando Tatis Jr. signed a 14-year, $340 million extension with the Padres in 2021 when he was just 22 yrs . old, but that deal is guaranteed and will be offering the club no flexibility should injuries or other factors impact his performance. Tatis, who was simply recently suspended 80 games for violating the league’s Joint Drug Prevention and CURE, had missed most of 2022 prior to the sanction while dealing with a wrist injury he suffered within an offseason motorcycle accident.

In the context of such similar deals, the Mariners have built-in financial security with this particular one. Should Rodrguezs production not pan out needlessly to say, and he does exercise the ball player option, the club will be on the hook for, at worst, typically $16.15 million from 2022-34. In the worst-case scenario, its no insurmountable salary that could weigh down the Mariners’ payroll in the long run. For a long time, Dipoto tried to obtain out from beneath the $24 million-per-year contract that Seattles previous regime gave Robinson Can, whom Dipoto eventually traded in the 2018-19 offseason in the well-chronicled blockbuster that brought Seattle Jarred Kelenic and much more.

And when Rodrguez performs at the particular level that both he and the club hope, he’ll — at the very least alongside contracts active currently — end up being the richest player in baseball history, and the Mariners will reap the production of a superstar.

The timing can be relevant due to what lengths Rodrguez is from free agency. He wouldve earned the league-minimum $700,000 this season and then before reaching arbitration eligibility, where his salary wouldve been determined on a year-by-year basis, predicated on performance. Had the Mariners waited, each passing year wouldve also brought Rodrguez nearer to the chance of free agency. Juan Soto, who was simply dealt from the Nationals to the Padres as of this year’s Trade Deadline, was moved mostly because of his decision to show down a 14-year, $440 million offer from Washington. Soto can be a free of charge agent after 2024 and may visit the highest bidder.

Most of Fridays news — the structure, the precedent and the timing — is fascinating, albeit not unexpected.

Rodrguez had arguably end up being the face of the franchise before he even made his debut on Opening Day in April, predicated on his expertise among the top power hitters in the Minors and billing as MLB Pipelines No. 3 overall prospect. But way more, Rodrguez resonated with Mariners fans for his charisma and flair, and the facial skin into the future for a team that took a substantial step back following the 2018 season. Rodrguez is definitely a new player that fans — and the franchise — have imagined since he signed being an international free agent in 2017 at age 16.

Now, he’s gone mainstream well beyond prospect circles and the Pacific Northwest, having taken the baseball world by storm on an internationally level mere months into his big league career. And he’s only 21 yrs . old.

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