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Jadu Announce Partnership with Michael Bay RELEASE A AR Avatars

Jadu, AR Platform, and Michael Bay, Hollywood Director and Producer, have partnered release a AR avatars called Jadu AVAs. They’ll be the biggest market of the platforms augmented reality game world launching later this season. Bay, the director of a few of the highest-grossing blockbusters ever, designed the AVAs as AR-native characters.

Jadu Michael Bay
Michael Bay and Jadu have partnered with this project.

Jadu AVAs

Jadu AVAs would be the robot avatars at the biggest market of the companys AR game world that will launch later this season. Michael Bay, Hollywood director and producer is making the avatars together with Jadu.

Utilizing his early passion for robots and his proven capability to bring them alive in huge related movies just like the Transformers franchise. Users can build relationships in the brand new world developed by Jadus team of 50+ engineers and creatives.

The Jadu AVA collection comprises 11,111 total unique AVAs which will be available as NFTs so when playable 3D characters. Jadus previous collections did a combined $30M in secondary sales volume. The complete AVA collection, including those created by Michael Bay, will undoubtedly be open to players this fall.

On the project, Michael Bay said: Throughout my career, Ive tried to push many visual boundaries, and augmented the truth is another level to explore for the reason that ongoing endeavor, Its a remarkable new solution to create content and present me to be able to explore this ” new world “, so it feels as though an all natural evolution to partner with Jadu, that are at the forefront of AR innovation. Its been fun to focus on creating cool, compelling, interactive robots and machines as avatars.

About Michael Bay

Michael Bay can be an American film producer and director behind a few of the biggest films ever. A few of his perhaps most obviously work includes the Transformers series, and the Bad Boys series. Along with this, the films from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and every one of the Purge movies, amongst others. A full set of his films via his IMDb are available here.

Bay spent his early, post-college career focusing on various music videos. He caused Tina Turner, Meat Loaf, Lionel Richie and much more in these ventures.

Beyond this, he worked in creating advertisements prior to making his proceed to movies. He filmed advertisements for most of the worlds biggest companies, including Nike, Reebok, Coca-Cola and Budweiser.

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