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Jake Paul Challenged By Osundairo Bro, PREPARED TO COMPLETE For Rahman Jr.

Jake Paul Challenged By Bola Osundairo … Fight Me Saturday!!

8/2/2022 12: 20 AM PT

Hasim Rahman Jr. out — Bola Osundairo in … vs. Jake Paul?!

If among the brothers who assisted Jussie Smollett in his hate crime hoax gets his way, that’s exactly what’ll happen … ’cause Bola tells TMZ Sports he’s prepared to fight Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, as was originally scheduled.

Usually do not cancel that fight Jake Paul. Fight me instead. I’m prepared to fight this Saturday,” 28-year-old Bola said Monday afternoon.

The 2-0 pro fighter (who also had several amateur fights) tells us he’s an excellent fighter to both boxers Jake was set to scrap with August 6.

“Im prepared to fight. Im much better than Hasim Rahman Jr., or Tommy Fury. Im actually ranked greater than Tommy Fury and he’s got 8 pro fights, and I’ve 2 pro fights. Hes ranked 340, Im ranked 193.”

23-year-old Fury — Jake’s original opponent — dropped out of these fight after having Visa issues, leaving him struggling to reach the U.S.

Needless to say, Bola was among the two brothers who assisted Jussie in his hoax attack … before cooperating with authorities. Smollett was ultimately convicted of 5 felonies.

With techniques, the fight makes more sense than Rahman Jr., who’s significantly larger than Jake (Hasim previously fought weighing over 260 pounds). The fight fell apart overweight issues … the 12-1 boxer wasn’t likely to have the ability to make 200 pounds, as was contractually obligated.

Bola is 6’1″, 188 pounds … virtually identical to the 6’1″, 190 pounds that Paul weighs.

And, Osundairo says he’s more well-known than Rahman Jr. … so it’d be a straight bigger draw.

“People know me. People know of me. Im among the Nigerian brothers mixed up in Jussie case, the Jussie Smollett case. So that it will sell, this fight will sell. People know me a lot more than Hasim Rahman Jr. Nobody knows him beyond boxing.”

Bola ended with a go at Jake (and Jussie).

“This is a genuine fight. This wont end up like the Jussie Smollett fight. This is a genuine actual beatdown, Jake Paul. So when i beat you up your name’s gonna change to Jackie Paulette.”

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