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Jalen Brunson, Knicks stars give NYC fans taste of whats ahead at Nike Pro City

Jalen Brunson received a standing ovation from the brand new York home crowd as he trotted onto the court alongside teammates Julius Randle and Obi Toppin although Knicks big free-agent acquisition wasnt donning the blue and orange.

Instead, the 25-year-old guard sported a purple jersey with what pro city spread over the chest. Even though his NEW YORK debut didnt can be found in front of a large number of screaming fans at Madison Square Garden, the number of hundred who gathered in the Hostos Community College facility titled The Swamp in The Bronx surely provided him with a warm welcome.

Brunson, Randle and Toppin made a cameo appearance Monday night in the Nike Pro City playoffs a premier indoor basketball league located in ny and gave hopeful Knicks fans a glimpse into what the near future may hold.

Minutes following the first whistle had blown, the trio turned within their to begin many highlight-reel plays of the night time. While running the idea on an easy break, Brunson dished the ball behind the trunk to Randle, who stood unguarded several feet behind the three-point line. Though his shot bounced harmlessly off the trunk of the rim, it had been corralled by way of a high-flying Toppin, who slammed the ball down with authority and sent the crowd into fervent uproar.

Toppin continued to torment the rim through the entire early part of the contest on the way to posting 11 points in the initial quarter. Moments after putting back a different one of his teammates missed shots, the 24-year-old forward found a loose ball at mid court and pulled off his signature between-the-legs dunk, nearly tearing the rim down and the complete roof off along the way.

Jalen Brunson drives to the basket at Nike Pro City on Monday.
Robert Sabo

Brunson took over in the next quarter with three straight soft finishes at the rim, pulling his team within three points at 35-38. His chemistry along with his new Knicks teammates was hard to miss, because the former Maverick tossed a no-look, behind-the-back pass to Toppin, who finished the dish with a two-handed slam.

Because the pair ran alongside each other moments down the road an easy break, Brunson went up for a dunk and then realize he didnt have sufficient height. He instead settled for an awkward layup, sending himself and Toppin right into a fit of laughter.

Randle additionally got in on the fun, deploying a stutter-step move around in the corner that broke his defenders ankles and resulted in a straightforward dunk across the baseline.

The Knicks stars entered halftime down by one, with the score being 52-53. Following a strong begin to begin the next half that featured two deep threes by Randle and Brunson, they took their first lead of the overall game at 60-59.

Tensions begun to rise in the closing minutes of the 3rd quarter after an opposing player finished in Randles face and flexed on the Knicks big man. Several light pushes ensued to the pleasure of fans in attendance and play immediately after continued.

Shortly after, Randle found himself in another sticky situation. Trying to find a block on the opposing teams point guard, he went up with the shooter but garnered the foul and landed hard on the court. After several seconds on the floor, Randle could walk off under their own power and stay in the overall game.

Obi Toppin and Jalen Brunson at Nike Pro City.
Robert Sabo

The Knicks starters finished up on the losing end of the ultimate 110-97 score, though played well through the entire contest. Toppin led the pack with 25 points, accompanied by Brunson with 24 and Randle with 18.

Following a game, Nike Pro City director Bernard Bowen commended the Knicks trio for the fantastic performance.

Its a playoff atmosphere, NEW YORK bragging rights at risk. Guys desire to turn out and leave everything on to the floor, put on an excellent show for the town, Bowen said. You’ve got a large amount of kids [here] who cant spend the money for opportunity to visit a Knicks game, so for all those guys ahead and play for the reason that atmosphere where its free for the youngsters, its a blessing.

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