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Trina Parks, famous because the first African-American James Bond girl, has signed to the upcoming biopic, “Eartha Kitt C’est Si Bon” as Choreographer, Katherine Dunham Consultant and Cast member.

Trina Parks, the initial black female James Bond villain, is joining the cast and creative team ofEartha Kitt C’est Si Bon. Trina is calledThumperinDiamonds Are Forever, where she famously beats the living daylights out of Sean Connery. She’ll come inEartha Kitt C’est Si Bon, and contains joined the creative team in the dual role of Choreographer andKatherine Dunhamconsultant.

Eartha Kitt’s 60+ year long career includesCatwomanin the 1960sBatmanTV series, and both voice and inspiration forYzmain Disney’sEmperor’s New Groovefranchise. Eartha got her professional training beneath the direct tutelage of Katherine Dunham. Katherine Dunham is well-known for her Dunham technique, a way of dance still taught today. She toured THE UNITED STATES and the planet for over 2 decades with her Katherine Dunham dance troupe. She actually is well-known for bringing African-inspired dance to international audiences. Katherine Dunham’s mission, partly, was to create bridges among different peoples, using her chosen talent of dance. She passed on in 2006.

Like Eartha Kitt, Trina Parks trained directly under Katherine Dunham. Like Eartha and Katherine, Trina Parks can be an icon of inspiration to people all over the world, especially to black women, due partly to her pioneering roles. Trinas choreography credits includeThe Wizand theGolden Globes. Today she teaches Dunham Technique, and is among the foremost authorities on Katherine Dunham. Trina also caused Eartha Kitt.

“Katherine Dunham taught Eartha Kitt to dance, needless to say, says directorShadow Dragu-Mihai. But she also relayed important principles of personal responsibility and ethics which Eartha articulated most of her life. You can easily say,no Katherine Dunham, no Eartha Kitt. So we have to get Katherine right. Trina Parks worked directly with Katherine Dunham and she actually is a great addition to your team also to our cast.

Trina Parks joinsStar Trek Voyager’sRobert Beltranas Orson Welles, andKenan’sDani Laneas Eartha Mae – the young Eartha Kitt. Other cast and associates will undoubtedly be announced through the entire fall. Production have not said who gets the title role. “Everyone really wants to know who’s playing Eartha Kitt. Whenever we announce the truly talented woman who plays her, people will undoubtedly be intrigued, and they’ll become happy.”Eartha Kitt C’est Si Bonis defined to release in-may, 2023.

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