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James Sloan Says a “Yes Vote” GIVES the Voters probably the most Conservative State Candidate in Tennessee HR District 63 Race, Solidifying the People’s Choice

James Sloan Says a

Franklin, TN, August 02, 2022 –(–A Yes Vote for James Sloan, quite a long time resident of Williamson County running for Tennessee House of Representatives District 63, may be the most conservative candidate on all of the issues facing the citizens, families, and smaller businesses, in accordance with Sloan’s campaign staffers.

“Sloan isn’t a ‘Republican In Name Only’ (RINO), isn’t taking hardly any money, accepting any endorsements, or making any commitments to unions, PACs, or special interest groups, and isn’t a ‘Yes’ man for the political machine at the administrative centre,” stated campaign workers. “The voters of HR District 63 will be the only individuals who I have to make any promises or commitments consistent with their concerns as their voice on to the floor of the home and at hawaii Capital,” said James Sloan.

Sloan reiterated his campaign platform and stance on issues vital that you District 63 voters by listing them, but stating they were not in virtually any particular order of priority:

“1. Civil Liberties and Civil Rights: My stance on all issues involving civil rights and liberties will undoubtedly be consistent with Charlton Hestons speech at the NRA: ‘you will need my (our) gun once you pry it out of my (our) cold, dead hand.’ I’ll take this position on all potential infringements to your civil rights and liberties help with in the Tennessee legislature and vote no. Personally i think that I’m the very best candidate who truly understands the culture of my district which state in defending those rights and liberties and am not asking or being supported by any special interest groups.

“2. Infrastructure: Roads, bridges, main commuter roads and highways which are congested and unsafe have to be repaired and addressed. Suburban development and destruction to recreational, farm, and agricultural lands must stop and also have better oversight because it is apparently uncontrollable generally in most areas. There will not appear to be any flow to how development has been approved to lessen the daily effect on other current residents in your community and to be certain the that public safety support and resources come in spot to handle the expansion as fast since it is happening.

“3. Healthcare: Particularly in your community of mental health, basic usage of preventive care and the power for the average person or small company to get affordable healthcare. Around being in this economic time of inflation and recession, it will be harder even for the employed to help keep paying higher and higher medical cost for basic medical care insurance and usage of healthcare. Most independent smaller businesses, particularly those under 25-50 employees, have found it hard to cover employees with insurance, that makes it difficult to recruit and retain employees and stay static in business.

“4. SMALL COMPANY Support: While big California companies have obtained around $65 million in tax breaks to come quickly to Tennessee using its California employees, Tennessee small enterprises don’t get any breaks. Businesses with significantly less than 50 employees are suffering and attempting to keep their heads above water as cost of benefits rise out of these reach causing hiring and employee retention to drop. I dont think that there’s near enough support for the smaller businesses in the Tennessee Senate and House at this time. And, from the family of companies, both men and woman, it has turned into a topic we discuss a whole lot when family gathers. I’ve many consulting resources on these issues, both family and external, in fact it is a significant issue. The Tennessee legislature has passed few to no legislation to safeguard or enhance smaller businesses recently and then provide incentives for big business.

“5. School safety and our educational system: More needs to be done to secure our schools and make sure they are safe for the children. Furthermore, the essential educational mandate of our schools gets diluted and our teachers have found it harder and harder to become a teacher, an educator, also to just adhere to the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic without impact to your educational system by special interest zealots attempting to change our schools and conservative educational agendas and mandates. Educate OUR KIDS Dont Manipulate Them. I really do not care what they do in California or NY; that is Tennessee I want not expand on that statement for Tennesseans know very well what Im discussing. The tiny percent of radical left-wing zealots won’t flourish in our Tennessee school system. Ethics, morals, values, and belief systems are reserved for the household unit rather than to be instilled by the liberal left. If we don’t like a thing that is our right, we’ve the freedom to exercise that right beneath the First Amendment no one has the proper to force something down our throats whether legislative mandates or changes in school agendas.”

“Furthermore, we can not foresee every crazy on the market attempting to do injury to people, particularly our vulnerable school children; however, we are able to put barriers set up and build safer schools later on, and also modify those we’ve today to substantially reduce any potential threat arriving at our children from the natural disaster, such as a tornado, to the devastating potential of a school shooter,” Sloan emphasized.

They are a few of my key concerns on my platform to be addressed when I reach hawaii Capital, stated Sloan. They are also based on the voters of District 63 who would like something done to help keep Williamson County conservative and their culture, family belief systems, and hometown just how that it had been and the reason why they thought we would live here, Sloan continued.

We are in need of everyone ahead out to vote for probably the most conservative candidate on the ballot for District 63, James Sloan, this Thursday, Sloans campaign staff concluded.

Covered by Campaign for SloanforTN, Kathy Ellis, Treasurer

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