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Jenna Dewan, 41, SHOWCASES Her Sculpted Body While Pole Dancing on IG

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Jenna Dewan is very elevating her dancing skills at this time, and she’s got the Instagram post to prove it. In new videos, everyone gets a glimpse of her epically strong legs because they support her body on a pole. Meanwhile, she’s just spinning around in midair. So, yes, basically, she’s pole dancing, and she’s pretty dang proficient at it. She even gave fans a glimpse of her ripped abs in a few spicy lingerie in the ultimate slide.

Dewan was posting the group of photos and videos to market her new movie Let’s Get Physical. She said in her caption, “As you can plainly see starring in this movie and bringing this character alive was fun, spicy and thought provoking! i am hoping you guys have just as much fun watching once we did rendering it! Lets Get Physical Coming soooooon to @lifetimetv.”

Fans went wild in the comment section: “The strength! ,” said one. “Amazingly talented and gorgeous!,” said another.

Jennifer Lopez’s pole dancing coach, Johanna Sapaki, told Women’s Health that the dance form may be the ultimate full-body workout. Everything is employed in unison to generate the movement, she explained. If the body works as a complete package, youre more likely to reach your goals than in the event that you rely on just one single muscle group.

Sapaki highlighted the significance of strong abs: “Your core can help support the others of one’s body, which means that your arms only will want to do less work.” Well, that’s encouragement to obtain those crunches in.

Dewan frequently puts in your time and effort to tone her abs. Maybe that’s why she makes pole dancing look very easy! When she’s not in the air, the actress loves Pilates.

Whether she’s on a mat in the home or practicing on a reformer in a class, she’ll log 3 or 4 sessions weekly. “It gets you fit so fast, and you simply feel stronger, Dewan told WH. The dancer in me really likes it since it activates exactly the same muscles in my own core.

Here she actually is at the fitness center:

Dewan also enjoys Instagram Live workouts with Isaac Boots which combine cardio and strength in high-energy routines that Jenna calls “dancer wonderfulness.” Sign me up!

When it comes to her diet, Dewan loves her veggies. She eats a mostly vegetarian diet plan while following an 80/20 approach. Which means she eats “healthy” 80 percent of that time period and indulges the rest of that time period. Dewan starts each morning with a smoothie created from spinach, romaine, celery, cilantro, parsley, apple, banana, and lemon, she told WH.

We can not wait to see Dewan’s dance skills dominate the screen when her movie premieres on October 15.

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