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Jennifer Lopez Affleck Serenaded Ben Affleck With a fresh Song THROUGHOUT THEIR Second Wedding

What’s one perk of marrying pop icon Jennifer Lopez? Getting serenaded on your own (second) big day, duh.

On August 26, TMZ published new footage from Jennifer and Ben Affleck’s Georgia wedding, where the Let’s Get Loud singer performed a fresh song to her new husband, filled with backup dancers! Forever I can have the passion in your eyes. I’m still deeply in love with you,” Lopez Affleck sang to her husband while dressed up in among her three Ralph Lauren wedding dresses. From there, Lopez got the crowd to become listed on her in a refrain of Can’t get enough. You can view the video here.

The complete party was perfect, in accordance with a source who spoke with People. It had been a dream on her behalf. She loved having all of the kids there. She loved the positioning. Everything felt very special, the foundation said. “She keeps saying ‘my husband’ and it’s really very cute.”

Following their lavish second wedding, which occurred on August 20, the pair have already been enjoying their second European honeymoon in Italy. (Just last month, Bennifer eloped in NEVADA before jetting off to France. Clearly, they cannot get enough!)

On August 24, the happy couple was spotted shopping and taking time and energy to snap pics with some fans. The Italian interior decor store Decio Immagine Casa shared a number of photos of Bennifer within their store with the caption clienti inaspettati, which means unexpected customers. In the photos, Jennifer Lopez Affleck wore a breezy mustard yellow dress and a set of yellow-tinted aviators, leaving her hair down in gentle waves with curtain bangs and baby lights. Meanwhile, Affleck was dressed up in a khaki button-down and black pants.

A source told People that the pair are “really bathing in” the websites and giving plenty of loving focus on one another. They added, “each day, they’re more in love.”

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