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Jerry Nadler Bests Carolyn Maloney in Nasty Primary Battle for NYC Seat

Rep. Jerrold Nadler won his primary election against fellow Rep. Carolyn Maloney Tuesday night, ending a tense nominating contest that pit two longtime NY Democrats against each other.

Their uncomfortable member-versus-member matchup was the consequence of redistricting, which threw NY Citys congressional delegation into chaos earlier this season as their territories merged. Maloney had recently been facing a small number of progressive challengersincluding Suraj Patel, who stayed in the race to fight both incumbents.

However in the waning days of the principal, Nadler seemed to emerge as a celebration favorite for the nomination. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) endorsed him as did Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). And the congressman were able to utilize his high-profile role in impeaching former President Donald Trump as an absolute narrative on the campaign trailas well as his Jewish faith in the heavily Jewish district.

Maloney, meanwhile, sought to frame herself as a trusted vote for the partys agenda and highlighted her position because the only woman in the race. But she faced a episode of tough headlines in recent weeks after repeatedly insisting President Joe Biden wouldn’t normally run for another term in 2024. The president, himself, has insisted hes running again.

No sitting members of Congress endorsed Maloney, though she, like Nadler, had support from the amount of local lawmakers and groups. Both Nadler and Maloney are portion of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and also have few differences on policy.

New Yorks 12th Congressional District is heavily Democratic, meaning Nadler is virtually guaranteed to win re-election this November.

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