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Jets’ Robert Saleh: Quincy Williams’ Late Hit on Jalen Hurts Was ‘Egregiously Awful’

Quincy Williams (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)

NY Jets head coach Robert Salehsaid he spoke with linebacker Quincy Williams about his “egregiouslyawful” late hit on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurtsduring Friday night’s preseason game.

Hurts had already made two steps out ofbounds before Williams delivered the hard hit, which resulted in a 15-yardunnecessary roughness penalty on the game’s opening drive.

Saleh told reporters the fourth-yearlinebacker can’t make those plays, both for their own development andto avoid hurting the team:

“I talked to Quincy after thegame. Egregiously awful from Quincy, and he knows that, he knowsbetter. It’s a very important factor to create a mistake in a casino game, it’s anotherthing to create a mistake leading to points, touchdowns. It is a gooddrive, we’re off the field. Jalen’s a phenomenal quarterback, and tostop them, hold them to a field goal after quitting an explosive [play] isa very good showing for the initial drive.

“Then to possess that happen extendsthe drive. Anytime you extend the drive like this, it’s probablygoing to result in bigger points. So Quincy knows, but at the sametime, those are plays he’s got got to escape his game for him to bethe player we think he is able to be.”

Several Eagles players got in Williams’face on the sideline following the late hit, but three-time Pro Bowl lineman Lane Johnsonexplained there’s only so much players can perform without risking punishmentfrom the NFL.

“We ran over there and didn’t donothing,” Johnson said. “We were just like a big dog that ran to thefence and didn’t execute a whole lot. Should you choose something, you then getsuspended. We didn’t enjoy it.”

Television cameras also showed Phillyhead coach Nick Sirianni shouting over the field to his New Yorkcounterpart, saying “Saleh, what the f–k?”

Hurts stayed in the overall game for theremainder of the drive, that was capped with a 22-yard touchdownpass to tight end Dallas Goedert.

The quarterback shrugged off thesituation”They called a flag. We shifted.”but thankedhis teammates for his or her support.

“Yeah, I believe that’s what we’reabout,” Hurts said. “Ultimately, I believe that’s us having eachother’s backs. That’s Philly. That’s Coach Sirianni. That’s JordanMailata. That’s [Jason] Kelce. That’s a few of the defensive guys.[Dallas Goedert]. You understand, just everybody.”

Hurts completed all six of his throwsfor 80 yards in his only group of the preseason opener. The Jets ultimately won the exhibition contest, 24-21.

Williams is entering his second seasonwith the Jets after starting his career with 2 yrs as an associate ofthe Jacksonville Jaguars. He recorded 110 total tackles, five passesdefended, three forced fumbles and two sacks in 2021.

The Eagles go back to action next Sundaywith a road game contrary to the Cleveland Browns, as the Jets host aMonday Night Football preseason clash with the Atlanta Falcons onAug. 22.

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