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JID Shares A Glimpse Of His Life In New Kody Blu 31 Video

JID just dropped his new album and shared a glimpse of his family life in his latest music video.



The Dance Now rapper dropped his latest album, The Forever Story, on August 26 and released another video for just one of the tracks, Kody Blu 31.

He shared a snippet of the video on his Instagram page along with his family throughout a warm gathering.

In the post, male members of his family are laughing and handmade cards.

As he raps to the camera, his family acts as though they dont see him rapping.

The state music video starts with JID removing a ON THE MARKET register front of a residence and ends with a family group portrait of him, his siblings, and his parents.

This is actually the third video JID has released from The Forever Story, including Surround Sound and Dance Now.

This isnt the 1st time JID shared a glimpse of his life through music.

In a video from the song that didn’t make The Forever Story, JID released a video titled 2007.

In this video, JID is rapping about quitting football as an adolescent and starting a rap career.

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