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Jimmy Garoppolo Trade Rumors: Browns, Jets, Titans Associated with 49ers QB

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NFL reporter Jordan Schultz appeared Monday on the Pat McAfee Show and said the Tennessee Titans, Cleveland Browns and NY Jets have already been linked as potential suitors for SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Schultz added that the Seattle Seahawks were the “ultimate wild card” on the quarterback trade market.

Even though Garoppolo is cut and open to register free agencywhich appears like an evergrowing possibilitya handful of these teams don’t make much sense as suitors.

Pat McAfee @PatMcAfeeShow

“I believe we’ll get some good Jimmy G resolution by tomorrow” ~@RapSheet#PMSLive

The Titans have veteran Ryan Tannehill locked into place and rookie Malik Willis as their long-term option. Garoppolo would at best be considered a lateral move for the Titans, or even a downgrade from Tannehill, unless the Titans were signing him to be Tannehill’s backup and giving Willis a complete season on the bench to understand the ropes.

But even then, would Jimmy G willingly sign with a team to be its backup option?

The Jets are an equally curious suitor, should they indeed have interest. While Zach Wilson is recovering from the bone bruise and torn meniscus in his right knee that required surgery, the expectation is that he’ll have the ability to return sometime in September.

Joe Flacco will serve because the team’s temporary starter. Garoppolo will be an upgrade over Flacco, however the expectation is that Wilson will undoubtedly be reinstalled because the starter once he returns.

If so, Jimmy G will be signing on to become a backupwhich ‘s the reason he’s leaving the 49ers to begin with.

In Cleveland, at the very least, he’d have an extended window to start out, with Deshaun Watson suspended for 11 games. That could give him a more impressive possibility to showcase himself for teams that end up searching for a starting quarterback next offseason.

The Seahawks maximize sense, as Jimmy G will be a clear upgrade over both Geno Smith and Drew Lock. Smith has won that quarterback battle, but he also was not a normal starter because the 2014 season with the brand new York Jets.

Lots of teams had the opportunity to sign Smith and present him a go to win a starting gig. Instead, he was a normal backup, and when Garoppolo was acquired with a trade or signed, Smith would get back to that role.

Granted, a trade between divisional rivals just like the Seahawks and 49ers seems unlikely at best and certainly complicated. Obviously, if the Niners eventually opt to just cut ties altogether and release Garoppolowho was not attending meetings and computes by himself, per Peter King of Pro Football Talkhe will make more sense as a Seattle acquisition.

But King also reported he hasn’t “heard the Seahawks have become interested anyway,” which might mean they’re a lot more than happy rolling with Smith this year in what’s now a rebuilding project in Seattle.

Because the season grows closer, it’s becoming harder and harder to locate a natural landing spot for Jimmy G. Even though he’s released, he might have to accept a backup role, at the very least because of this upcoming season, or play the waiting game to see in case a contending team suffers a personal injury at the positioning through the season and really wants to get an upgrade.

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