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Jodie Sweetin Shares Touching Story of How Bob Saget’s Shirt MANAGED TO GET to Her MARRIAGE CEREMONY

Jodie Sweetin’s Wedding: How Bob Saget Was There in Spirit

Everywhere you look, memories of Bob Saget are available.

And for Full House star Jodie Sweetin, a bit of Bob’s legacy even made its solution to her July 30 wedding to Mescal Wasilewski. The 40-year-old shared a garment owned by the late actor, who passed on on Jan. 9, finished up at her ceremony because of John Stamos.

As Jodie told E! News’ Daily Popon Aug. 16, John was leaving the home for Jodie’s wedding when his wife, Caitlin McHugh, told him to swap his shirt. After grabbing another one and getting back in the automobile, John realized the very best was rather big on him. And, it hit him.

“He realized It had been among the shirts that Kelly [Rizzo] had given him out of Bob’s closet,” Jodie explained. “Also it was this black button up that like Bob would always wear. Bob always had a black button through to.”

She added, “So, Bob was there in his weird little way.”

For how Jodie reacted once John found its way to the sentimental piece, she and the Big Shot actor shared a touching moment.

“I hugged John and, I love kissed the shirt and I was like, ‘Bob’s here too,'” she said, adding that John had informed her, “I must let you know like Bob needed to be here. He just needed to be here because of this.”


Others present for the wedding day included Candace Cameron Bure and Bob’s wife, Kelly. After Jodie shared some photos from the celebration to Instagram, Kelly took to the comment section to create that she could feel Bob’s presence.

“What an honor it had been to be there and celebrate your love,” Kelly commented on the July 31 post. “I understand Bob was right by my side. Love you so much.”

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