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Joe Biden: Polls Show Me ‘Beating Trump by 6 or 8’ Points in a Rematch

President Joe Biden expressed fascination with a few of the latest polling showing his approval ratings heading back up after plunging to historic lows earlier come early july.

The president spoke to supporters on Thursday at a reception for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in Maryland.

It doesnt execute a whole lot showing the brand new polls showing me beating Trump by six or eight or regardless of the hell the numbers are, he said during his remarks.

The president was likely discussing a Wall Street Journal poll released the other day showing that Biden holds a six-point lead over former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical rematch.50 percent of registered voters in the poll said they might probably or definitely vote for Biden, while 44 percent chose Trump.

Biden indicated that Democrats had to accomplish well in the midterm elections to greatly help defeat the rise of the extreme MAGA Republicans led by Trump.

biden speech

President Joe Biden delivers a primetime address denouncing MAGA Republicans beyond Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 1, 2022. (Jim WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

We need to win this off-year election for more reasons than simply having the ability to move our agenda forward, he said. We need to.

Biden urged Democrats, independents, and moderate Republicans to reject the extreme proposals from MAGA Republicans.

He derided Republicans to be climate deniers and blocking Democrats green energy agenda.

Do you know what? Unfortunately, whats happening now, nobody denies we’ve a climate crisis, Biden said, boasting that the climate deniers lost.

The survival of our world generally is on the ballot, Biden added.

The president said that when just two more Democrat senators were elected, he’d act to create Roe v Wade legal nationwide, ban assault weapons, protect social security, Universal pre-kindergarten, restore child care tax credit, and pass election reforms.

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