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Joe Manchin shifts into defense on Dems’ tax-and-spend climate bill

Sen. Joe Manchin III arrived swinging against GOP critics Thursday who accused him of heading back on his word by agreeing to tax increases and shelling out for climate and healthcare, despite recession and inflation fears.

The centrist Democrat from West Virginia opposed similar proposals just a couple weeks hence.

Mr. Manchin rejected the criticism that it had been a job-killing tax-and-spend spree, as conservatives describe it.

This is simply not a Democrat bill. Its not just a Republican bill. That is an American bill, he said. I didnt take action to greatly help the Democratic Party. I didnt take action to hurt the Republican Party. I did so it because I believe in normal times, both parties could have get together on something.

Senate Republicans whom Mr. Manchin said he thought to be friends of mine eviscerated him.

I could only speak because of this senator when I say this betrayal can be an absolute declaration of political warfare, said Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican. To check you in the attention and let you know one thing also to do another is completely unforgivable.

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Senate Democrats said the package, that they intend to ram through the chamber in a party-line vote, would raise $739 billion on the decade in new revenue, including $313 billion from the 15% corporate minimum tax. They said that could affect around 200 of the countrys largest corporations, with profits exceeding $1 billion, that currently pay beneath the current 21% corporate rate.

Conservatives resurrected video of President Obama in 2009 warning against raising taxes throughout a recession, taunting President Biden and Democrats tax plans because the U.S. economy posted its second consecutive quarter of negative growth, an integral indicator of a recession.

The final thing you should do is raise taxes in the center of a recession because that could just suck up take more demand out from the economy and put businesses in an additional hole, Mr. Obama said in the clip.

Mr. Biden spun the bleak numbers by pointing to a minimal unemployment rate and a reliable blast of new jobs. But inflation hit a 41-year-high in June.

The brand new $433 billion in spending, including nearly $370 billion for climate and energy on the next decade, will undoubtedly be offset by the brand new revenue, primarily from the brand new corporate taxes, allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices and closing tax loopholes, Democrats said.

By those estimates, the legislation would decrease the deficit by $300 billion over 10 years.

Republicans arent buying it.

Democrats have outlined a huge package of huge new job-killing tax hikes, Green New Deal craziness that may kill American energy and prescription drug socialism which will leave us with fewer new life-saving medicines, said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican.

Mr. Manchin shot back at critics.

If someones upset they werent paying anything, please come forward. Reveal why you’re in a position to have this great country protect you and present you these opportunities and you also dont need to pay anything involved with it and believe was fair, he said.

The Senate could make an effort to pass the measure as soon as in a few days if all 50 Democrats makes it onto the ground to vote. Positive COVID-19 cases have regularly led to absences. Majority Whip Dick Durbin, Illinois Democrat, was the most recent member to check positive Thursday.

Sen. Kirsten Sinema, Arizona Democrat, is a wild card. She raised objections previously to tax hikes and contains kept mum on the brand new Manchin deal.

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