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Johanna Dadap Shines on The Worlds RISEN In Smoke

Johanna Dadap

Filipino pop singer-songwriter Johanna Dadap recently released her single, The Worlds RISEN In Smoke, a song imploring foresight and wisdom.

Discussing her music, Dadap shares, When folks see my work, I am hoping they experience what Personally i think about my art when I ensure it is. I am hoping they feel how passionate I’m to inspire them.

Only 19 yrs . old, Dadap received her first guitar in early stages, accompanied by teaching herself to play a range of instruments, including piano, Cajon, and ukulele, while probing into music production in her bedroom.

She focuses on music production and songwriting centered on acoustic pop. Her artistic expression is really a mixture of modern and folk music. Johanna also makes EDM and HIPHOP songs (unreleased). Her biggest inspirations are Jon Bellion, Imagine Dragons, Ed Sheeran, Blanks, and Charlie Puth.

Alongside making music, Dadap connects with the art community by making cover songs that she uploads on her behalf YouTube channel and by sharing her original tracks on different music streaming platforms such as for example Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, etc.

The Worlds RISEN In Smoke features Johanna Dadap on lead vocals, backing vocals, and classical guitar, and Paul Taffy White on guitar, bass, keyboards, and backing vocals.

Opening on a low-slung, elegant piano topped by luminous colors, The Worlds RISEN In Smoke flows right into a creamy indie-pop melody. Dadaps luscious alto vocals imbue the lyrics with passionate emotion. Its a nuanced voice, rife with cashmere phrasing and velvety textures.

All of the words in every the songs they appear to fall on deafened ears / Nobody hears / Nobody hears a word till / The worlds risen in smoke / And mother natures broke / But shes too young to die.

Beautifully wrought and balanced, with The Worlds RISEN In Smoke, Johanna Dadap conveys a significant message on alluring music.

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