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John Legend on what Chrissy Teigens Miscarriage Made the Couple Stronger, His Fallout With Kanye Ye West

John Legend is checking about how exactly Chrissy Teigens tragic miscarriage brought the couple closer and made them stronger.

In September 2020, Teigen revealed she had suffered a miscarriage following a hospitalization where she was identified as having a partial placenta abruption and had to provide their son, Jack, at 20 weeks.

We have been shocked and in the type of deep pain you merely hear about, the type of pain weve never felt before, Teigen wrote at that time. We were never in a position to stop the bleeding and present our baby the fluids he needed, despite bags and bags of blood transfusions. It just wasnt enough.

In a recently available New Yorker profile, Legend got candid about this amount of time in their lives and how he and his wife may never really fill the hole left out by the increased loss of Jack but that theyre focusing on continue and being happy.

It made us stronger, going right through this together, despite the fact that we were broken for some reason because of it because we’d to hold one another together and support one another through it, Legend told the publication. Its a means of forging you.

The musician acknowledged he was hesitant, initially, about sharing something so personal with the planet the direction they thought we would, but he quickly realized how important it had been for Teigen to take action, to break the taboo surrounding the discussion of miscarriages.

Not merely was it the honest move to make, Legend said, what it did was start more of a conversation among individuals who were afraid to talk about that sort of detail, who felt ashamed should they lost a pregnancy.

Given that Teigen is pregnant again, the EGOT winner shared that theyre guardedly optimistic due to the fear that tragedy could strike again, but theyre looking towards welcoming their newborn.

Im not anticipating filling the hole that people felt whenever we lost Jack, he added. I simply feel itll be considered a new person inside our lives to love also to make our lives more joyful. Well still always carry a few of that grief from Jack, but well just keep living and loving and finding joy in life.

In exactly the same interview, Legend also touched on his fallout along with his longtime friend and collaborator, Kanye Ye West, and explained what actually happened between them.

What it got referred to as was, we stopped being friends because he supported [Donald] Trump, that was a mischaracterization, he said. What I was saying was he was very upset with me that I didnt support him running for President, and that has been the true impetus for all of us having a strain inside our friendship.

Legend continued to say both havent really been friends since he supported Joe Bidens presidency, but he doesnt know very well what lies ahead for them, explaining that its around Ye if he is able to see through it and rekindle their friendship.

I dont desire to live a life thats so consumed by politics that its the only real determinant of who is able to be my pal and who cant, the musician continued. But values matter and character matters and moral compass matters.

When Legend tried to speak to Ye about how exactly he was vocalizing his support for Trump across his platforms and influencing his followers, Ye posted screenshots of these conversation on Twitter, which Legend also addressed in the profile.

He explained he was looking to get Ye to see things differently, to utilize the influence he previously on his fans in different ways.

I talked to him with love sufficient reason for empathy and tried to greatly help him see another method of considering things, Legend said. And, obviously, he went just how he went with it.

When Ye made a decision to run for president, Legend said he found it frustrating that his campaign had been pushed along by Trumps personnel, which raised money for Ye, got petitions signed for him and got him on the ballet.

I saw their focus on his behalf as an obvious scam and a surgical procedure to attempt to siphon Black votes from Biden, so there is no chance I would support it, Legend said. Kanye was upset with that, and we havent been friends since.

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