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Johnny Depp Appears at MTV VMAs as Moonman, Face Only

Johnny Depp I’m Back On TV … Appears at MTV VMAs

8/28/2022 5: 24 PM PT


Johnny Depp just made one small part of his Hollywood resurgence … because he’s returned to TV sets, appearing on MTV at the Video Music Awards within an astronaut suit.

The celeb just made his debut because the network’s famous Moonman — recently dubbed the Moonperson — dressing and showing his face Sunday to start the award show broadcast. But that’s all that has been shown … literally only a video of his mug in the suit, which has been pre-recorded. He said he “needed the task,” and that has been that.

The true McCoy wasn’t actually there for the show, it appears. Still, pretty cool!

Once we first told you… Johnny was tabbed for a surprise appearance at the VMAs, also it seriously the heels of both recent announcement of his go back to film plus his new cope with Dior to keep being the facial skin of the Sauvage fragrance line.

Johnny’s won 5 MTV Movie Awards in his career, including Best Villain, Global Superstar, Best Male Performance and 2012’s Generation Award.

Depp’s Moonman gig represents a milestone for him … marking his first major U.S. TV appearance since 2017 when he was on Jimmy Kimmel‘s talk show.

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