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Jonah Hill Is Putting His Mental Health Before Red-Carpet Events

In Hollywood, the work isnt merely to arrive on set and act; its and to promote it series or movie following its completed, which entails going from red-carpet event to interview to party and being likely to ooze charm the complete time. Needless to say, celebrities are compensated better because of their time than, well, most jobs, but its clear to see what sort of life of such obligations could become damaging. Thats what actor Jonah Hill communicated in a recently available open letter published in Deadline, saying he would no more promote his movies out of concern for his mental health.

I’ve arrived at the knowing that I’ve spent nearly 20 years experiencing panic disorders, which are exacerbated by media appearances and public facing events, Hill wrote, adding, I cringe at letters or statements such as this, but I am aware that I’m of the privileged few who is able to afford to devote some time off. I wont lose my job while focusing on my anxiety. With this particular letter sufficient reason for StutzHills forthcoming documentary about mental healthIm hoping to create it more normal for folks to talk and act with this stuff.

Jonah Hill has been candid about his mental health journey before, taking to Instagram last October to ask visitors to stop sharing opinions on his recent weight reduction (and, indeed, to avoid commenting on his body at all, as he really wants to politely inform you its not helpful and doesnt feel great). Hopefully, his pattern of speaking out will set a fresh standard of honesty and accurate self-reflection within the.

This post was originally published on Vogue.

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