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Jordan Peele, The Weeknd attractions arrived at Universal Halloween Horror Nights


Jordan Peele, The Weeknd attractions come to Universal Halloween Horror Nights

Jordan Peele’s “Us” and “Nope” joins the Terror Tram at Halloween Horror Nights. Photo thanks to Universal Studios

Aug. 18 (UPI) — Universal Studios Hollywood announced new Jordan Peele attractions at Halloween Horror Nights on Thursday. The Halloween attraction opens Sept. 8.

For Halloween, Universal’s tram tour becomes the “Terror Tram” which drops guests off in horror-themed experiences on the studio lot. This year’s terror tram includes Peele’s Us and Nope.

In Us, several doppelgangers from below the planet earth called The Tethered return for revenge. The Terror Tram will feature Tethered approaching park guests.

Guests may also reach visit Jupiter’s Claim, which opened at Universal Studios in July as a permanent attraction. Jupiter’s Claim may be the western theme park run by Ricky Park (Steven Yeun) in Nope.

Halloween Horror Nights also features haunted houses. New attractions include The Weeknd‘s “After Hours Nightmares.” “The Horrors of Blumhouse” is updated to add The Black Phone and Freaky.

Killer Klowns from SPACE returns to Halloween Horror Nights, alongside additional mazes inspired by Halloween, classic Universal Monsters, La Llorona, and original entries “Scarecrow: The Reaping” and “Universal Horror Hotel.”

Three designated scare zones through the entire park will feature themed performers startling guests because they walk to and from other attractions. Chainsaw clowns, murderous sideshow acts and much more La Llorona await.

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