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Joseph Quinns Stranger Things Fame Saved Him From Being Detained

Fans of Eddie Munson, the standout new character in Stranger Things 4, just wanted the indegent guy to catch a rest. The D&D-playing Hellfire Club leader was unfairly persecuted by both police and the residents of Hawkins, therefore cries of “leave Eddie alone!” were a standard refrain among viewers.

While Eddie was quite definitely public enemy number 1 for the whole season, in a curious case of life imitating art actor Joseph Quinn discovered that a minumum of one person in the authorities in true to life is a lot more sympathetic to Eddie’s plight. Throughout a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Quinnwho comes from the UKrecalled how he was detained at an airport on his in the past to the States, and incredibly nearly missed his night time debut.

“I almost didn’t ensure it is,” Quinn told Jimmy Fallon. “I was taken into, I assume everything you could call it more of a dungeon. And I was asked to hold back there for approximately 20 minutes and I was summoned to the desk where someone asked me, ‘What are you currently doing in the usa, sir?’ I said, ‘I’m actually here to meet up Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. And he didn’t trust me.”

Fortunately, the breakout star had a fan in the area.

“One of is own colleagues viewed at him, viewed me, and said: ‘Leave Eddie alone!'” Quinn aded. “And he said, ‘It’s Eddie from Stranger Things, and he was like, ‘You’re Eddie Munson?'” The immigration officer reportedly then asked Quinn if Eddie will probably return in Season 5 of the show. “I was like, ‘I have no idea,'” Quinn said. “He said, ‘You better,’ and gave me my passport.”

While Quinn may claim never to know what the near future holds for his characters, the Stranger Things showrunners do. Following the Season 4 finale dropped on Netflix, the Duffer Brothers confirmed that while Eddie Munson was certainly a beloved character, his fate is final.

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