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Joshua David Regalado, Professionally Referred to as Regalado The Trill, Begins Record Label, Authentic No Gimmicks Entertainment

Raleigh, NC, August 03, 2022 –(–Joshua D. Regalado, mostly known to be a musical act beneath the stage name Regalado The Trill, has taken a fresh approach in the music industry along with his own company and label, Authentic No Gimmicks Entertainment. The label happens to be seeking artists, engineers in the musical field, and also starting its make of clothing. They’re forming a fresh tone to bring stylistic affordable clothing right to the buyer. Regalado The Trill is mixing music and branding to some other level and with this journey, be prepared to see Authentic No Gimmicks on the music and fashion scene soon.

Now, a newly founded company, Authentic No Gimmicks Entertainment is situated in Raleigh, NC and contains been expanding and calling the west coast of Phoenix, AZ.

Regalado The Trill

Joshua David Regalado


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