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Julianne Moore Did Superhero Glamour in a totally Sheer Gown and Cape

You can find two women currently restoring our faith in Hollywood glamour. Jodie Turner-Smith and Julianne Moore are both having a fantastic Venice Film Festival and its own only day two. From water-taxi tailoring to directional photo-call looks, the actors are putting their stamp on floating-city chic and seemingly having a ball.

Last nights official opening ceremony was a sequins-strewn extravaganza, with Moores Valentino cape deserving a particular mention. Her sheer tulle gown and superhero overlay were peppered with colorful paillettes that appeared as if fireworks on the star, and shone all of the brighter with a smattering of Cartier jewelry. The message? Theres no sell-by date with this sort of fashion fantasy. It is possible to wear a glittering cape however old you’re. Visible big black knickers too.

Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images

Needless to say a glowing Julianne Moore, who swears by chlorophyll and keeping her face mobile, defied her 61 years. The actors new stylist, Kate Young, is really a master of the tantalizingly sheer looks, which somehow seem demure because of all that dripping embellishment. Remember Dakota Johnsons Gucci Met Gala catsuit? That has been Young’s work. Jennifer Lawrences tinsel-effect Dior maternity red-carpet wear? Yep, Young too. After Moore’s Venice moment, we’ve a sense more celebs will undoubtedly be calling up the energy player.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

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