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Back 2005we wrote concerning the September/October 2005 problem of The Futuristwhere they examined Americans usage of time. Based on the article, the normal perception that there just isnt plenty of time isnt supported by the stats from the national study using time-diaries. Basically, the findings show that Americans average 35 hours weekly of work time and 35 hours weekly of leisure time. Just how does that compare to today? Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics people spent typically 35.91 hours every week on leisure activities in 2016. The common time spent working was nearer to 40 hours, nonetheless it isnt clear that the methodology may be the same.

Whatever the exact numbers, it really is clear that a lot of people dont feel just like they will have 35 hours of leisure time every week.

Among the reasons people feel just like they have virtually no time is due to marketing. There are plenty of businesses who earn money in the event that you dont feel just like you have sufficient time. From self-help books to prepared foods to delivery services be determined by people who feel just like they’re too busy.

Where does all of the leisure time go? The 2005 study showed over 1 / 2 of that point is spent watching tv which was in what it turned out in 1990.BLS is showing people spent 2.73 hours each day watching tv in 2016 which pretty near 1 / 2 of their leisure time.

When people say they dont have sufficient time, it says more about how exactly they spend their time compared to the actual quantity. In the end, nobody really has additional time, most of us just spend it in various ways. When people feel just like their time has been allocated to very valuable things, they could still go out of time, but there exists a completely different degree of fulfillment involved.

The secret to having plenty of time is ensuring it is allocated to things that you are feeling are important. This implies setting priorities and deciding what’s actually valuable for you in advance.

By spending your leisure time on items that you are feeling are truly valuable, you wont have actually were left with more time, nevertheless, you can boost your satisfaction with how your time and effort is spent.

This funny quote from this article in The Futurist appears to summarize many Americans feelings about why they dont have any leisure time. Needless to say I dont have any leisure time, because I spend so a lot of my time watching television.

Originally published November 17th, 2005 and updated with currentstatistics in 2017.

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