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Just what a JOKE! Marthas Vineyard resident takes vicious SWIPE at Kamala Harris while THANKING DeSantis for opening their eyes (watch)

Weve spent so enough time hearing people on the Left and the media (yeah yeah, same difference) insist that DeSantis was either kidnapping OR trafficking the 48 people he delivered to Marthas Vineyard that people kinda sorta forgot to cover focus on what individuals who live there actually think.

Granted, weve been pointing and laughing about how exactly quickly they kicked them off the island but that is pretty damn good.

Color us surprised:

JUST-IN: Marthas Vineyard resident praises DeSantis for bringing focus on the border crisis, and says Harris as a Border Czar is really a joke.

Kate (@KateTalksTruth) September 20, 2022

She wasnt surprised, she doesnt think it had been a stunt


And absolutely fair points from here: how can you obtain the attention of the administration and border czar Kamala Harris?

Insufficient people are discussing this because theyre too damn busy losing their minds since DeSantis beat Biden at their own game. Also it achieved it in an even more humane and kind way.

Sorry, not sorry.

Marthas Vineyard resident, How can you think individuals in Texas believe that get a large number of (migrants) each day? We had just a little taste of it.

Kate (@KateTalksTruth) September 20, 2022

Just a little taste of it had been hopefully enough to wake all of them up.

i loved how she went after kamala

Merissa Hansen (@MerissaHansen17) September 20, 2022

Ok last one, that was well known part.

Aside from the fact now both migrants AND Marthas Vineyard residents have thanked DeSantis.

Too bad, so sad, Lefties.


Well, well, WELL: New FBI whistleblower appears to VINDICATE those crazy, conservative, conspiracy theorists on the market (screenshots)

OMG! She. Went. THERE! Royal commentator TEARS Don Lemon a fresh one after he claims royal family should pay reparations (watch)

Unlike the 53 immigrants who DIED in a truck DeSantis fires back at Sheriff investigating him over Marthas Vineyard and its own STRAIGHT-fire

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