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Kangaroo Brawl Ends With One Getting Tossed Through Metal Fence

Kangaroo Fight
‘Roo Takes a Broosin’!!!
Gets Tossed Through Fence

8/25/2022 4: 41 PM PT


A brawl between 2 kangaroos ended quicker than expected when one went straight WWE on the other — shoving the opponent straight through a metal fence!!!

The ‘roo rivalry went down at Canberra Nature Reserve in Australia … a passerby started filming the animals getting into it. After a few moments of hand-to-hand combat, one delivered the crushing blow … hurling the loser into a not-so-solid wall.

The “winner” even looked shocked … seemingly staring down his bounding buddy to make sure it stayed down after the violent tumble.

Don’t worry, the fence-crasher’s doing just fine — a witness told Storyful it was later seen jumping down the road like nothing happened, but good luck with that, buddy.

Y’know how kangaroos gossip, bro. Word’s gonna get around.

MAY 2022

Seriously, though … don’t mess with these ‘roos! Remember, a man squared off with one a few months back, even grabbing a stick to defend himself … but that didn’t seem to phase the animal.

Talk about thunder down under!!!

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