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Kanye West’s 5th Divorce Lawyer Quits as Kim Kardashian DIVORCE PROCESS Drags on

Kanye West 5th Divorce Attorney Quits … Because the Case Drags On

8/5/2022 10: 17 AM PT

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian‘s divorce continues to drag on … Ye has officially lost his 5th divorce lawyer.

Kim and Kanye had a trial-setting conference Friday in L.A. within their divorce. Ye’s current divorce attorney, Samantha Spector, had previously asked the judge to alleviate her as counsel, saying her relationship with Kanye was irretrievably broken, though she wouldn’t say why.

She had a romantic date set in a few days to officially withdraw, however the judge granted her request Friday, so she’s out and Ye is with out a lawyer just as before.

Also, the judge managed to get clear … either Kanye gets off the dime and submits his financial declarations to stay the rest of the issues, or the case will probably trial in December … no if, ands or buts.

If Kanye ghosts everyone — then most probably once the case comes prior to the judge in December — Kim are certain to get whatever she wants.

TMZ broke the story … Kim got a divorce decree back March, making her legally single, but you may still find a few issues to totally resolve — custody and property, and that is what the judge is coping with now.

Sources linked to Kim and Kanye say they’re getting along — as we’ve seen evidenced at their kid’s sports and family gatherings — but it has been a roller coaster.

Kim posted a number of pics of herself, Chicago and North all posing in Yeezy sunglasses Thursday night with the caption, “YR 3022 YEEZY SHDZ” … so you’d think it’s gotta be some proof things are OK between her and Ye.

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