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Kari Lake Lands Another Blow Against Katie ‘Karen’ Hobbs

While Democrats continue steadily to overdose on hopium surrounding the generic ballot, many of the major races leading into November are tilting towards Republicans. As RedState reported, a recently available Trafalgar poll, that includes a very good background in state-wide polling, showed Mehmet Oz gaining on John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, putting the race at only a 1.8 percent spread.

Now, Trafalgar has dropped another survey in its ongoing series out of Arizona, and far to the consternation of Democrats everywhere, Kari Lake now holds a reasonably substantial lead over Katie Hobbs.


August 27:

(R) Kari Lake 46.5% (+0.7)

(D) Katie Hobbs 45.8%

September 15:

(R) Kari Lake 50% (+4.4)

(D) Katie Hobbs 45.6%

3.7 point swing towards Kari Lake

InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) September 18, 2022

I dont desire to brag, but Im confident I was the initial conservative commentator to start out calling Katie Hobbs the quintessential Karen in the past in the mid-summer, and the label is sticking. No other candidate in today’s election cycle produces as many i want to talk with the manager vibes as she does. Her scolding, cowering personality isnt playing well with Arizona voters, also it doesnt have a political science degree to determine why.

For instance, heres Hobbs lying about miscarriages so that they can make abortion the principal issue.

When I had a miscarriage, I needed surgery to safeguard my very own health. That lifesaving treatment was exactly the same procedure thats popular for abortions an operation that Kari Lake really wants to criminalize. As Governor, I will not let that happen.

Katie Hobbs (@katiehobbs) September 18, 2022

I assume Hobbs thinks shes running in NY because her entire campaign has been so completely out-of-touch using what Arizonans value that it borders on parody. Thats not saying there arent hardcore liberals in hawaii who make abortion the end-all-be-all of politics, but most voters are more concerned about the truth that inflation is soaring, interest levels are skyrocketing, the currency markets is crashing, and the border is in crisis. And beyond maybe Texas, there is absolutely no other state in the united kingdom that’s more animated with what is being conducted at the Southern border than Arizona.

Lake has hit those issues hard, and shes remained laser-focused on her behalf message. The economy, crime, and the border are section of just about any public statement she makes while Hobbs is obsessing over whether itll be legal to kill a child before 15 weeks. Worse, the Democrat has refused to debate, making her appear even less respectful of the voters she hopes to win to her side.

In a nutshell, Hobbs is totally on the defensive at this time, and whatever happens in the national environment (Im still bullish on the GOP successful), it seems Lake has successfully localized her election, with Arizonans showing they care most about items that actually affect their daily lives. Hobbs, being your typical AWFL, can only just keep mumbling about abortion. Well observe how that computes on her behalf in November.

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