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Keep on Kidnapping: A FRESH Paul French Podcast

Paul French, writer ofNY TimesbestsellerMidnight in Pekingand Old Shanghai gangland epicCity of Devils, is back with a fresh podcast, Keep on Kidnapping.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Were heading back again to 1932, to northern China, to a chaotic time when poverty, war and desperation resulted in an epidemic of kidnapping by local bandits wanting to secure large ransoms.

It had been a fairly good business families, businesses and governments usually paid up. Hostages were usually terrified.

Nonetheless it didnt work like this whenever a bandit from the Manchurian hills kidnapped Englishwoman Muriel ‘Tinko’ Pawley she was a few, these were forced to take her three dogs along, newspaper readers as a long way away as London demanded her release and she constantly demanded more soap!

Kidnapping Tinko Pawley was a large mistake for the bandit leader who thought shed be easy money. Instead she ended up being his worst nightmare.

Pay attention to Paul French reading all episodes ofKeep on Kidnappingthe followingor scan the QR code below(VPN on):


And when you prefer that, you will most probably like…

Opium Smuggling & Femme Fatales: Paul French’s THE GIRL from Hong Kong


The entire year is 1939, and a curious tale unfurls following a mysterious woman, going by the name Seto Gin, is busted smuggling several dozen tins of opium into SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA.

Here is a brief synopsis:

NY Timestop selling author Paul French reads the initial four-part adaptation (for Morning Brew) of hisPost Magazinearticle ‘The Lady from Hong Kong’ “the very best Hollywood movie of the 1940s never made.”

Its an account of a female who called herself Seto Gin, and found its way to SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA from Hong Kong in January 1939 with several dozen tins of opium hidden in her luggage.

Her story, and just why she took the chance to smuggle so much dope into America, may be the story of ‘The Lady from Hong Kong.’

Pay attention toTHE GIRL from Hong Kongthe followingor scan the QR code below(VPN on):


Sex, Drugs & Bank Jobs: Paul French’s Peking Noir


And when you prefer that, it’s also advisable to have a look at French’sPeking Noir,a drama that sees him on the trail of the enigmaticShura Giraldi, mysterious and mercurial legend of the Beijing Badlands.

Here is a brief synopsis:

Shura Giraldi, another person insisted on the precise opposite. Shura was handsome and beautiful; Shura was kind and good, Shura was exploitative and evil. Shura was yet another struggling White Russian refugee looking to get by in 1930s China; Shura was the center and brains of a gang that ran clubs, sex workers, illicit booze and drugs, you should definitely robbing banks and stealing gems to fence in Shanghai. Shura loved ballet and cabaret, creating the Shura Giraldi Dance Troupe that topped the bill at best wishes Peking nightclubs.

Shura sometimes presented as male and sometimes as female. When passing as a guy Shura bound his breasts tightly and wore a sharp tailored suit; when she was a female she wore startlingly colored robes, both Chinese-stylecheongsamand Western dresses, letting her raven hair flow loose, said witnesses. Shura had added a remarkably massive layer of confusion and obfuscation to anyone looking by changing gender. Switching for anonymity, for commercial gain or criminal advantage, for love, for a whim.

Paul French is really a historian and writer who targets China in the initial 1 / 2 of the 20th century. He’s been on Shuras trail for 15 years, digging through the paper records and archives in two twelve countries so that they can reach grips with the enigma that has been Shura. This story, something of this tireless research, is filled with truths, but as an old jigsaw brought down from the attic after decades, there are numerous pieces missing. So we’re using drama, compiled by Sarah Wooley, to conjure and join the spots of Shuras story, and go searching for a lost life and a forgotten world.

The search will need us from the Russian asia in violent revolution, to the chaos of the mass emigration of the White Russians, to the crowded hutongs of Peking; from that citys nightclubs and cabarets, to the casinos of Shanghai; from the China wracked by rampaging warlordism, invaded by Japan, and fighting its civil war that culminated in its revolution.

Shura saw everything; Shura lived through everything; Shura, partly, explains everything.

Pay attention toPeking Noirright hereor scan the QR code below(VPN on):


Peking Noir can be on Spotify and iTunes.

For more Paul French,just click here.

[All images thanks to Paul French]

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