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Kehlanis Pointy, Color-Shifting, Gem-Tipped Nails Are Mesmerizing

Kehlani has been looking finer than fine amid her worldwide Blue Water Road Trip tour. The Distraction singer-songwriter is doing what she does best: giving fans a showand making a lot of us (yes, me!) jealous that people didn’t grab tickets. For the time being we’ll have to obsess on the photos and clips she among others have posted on social media marketing. At this time our eyes are locked on the vivid sapphire nails that look similar to jewels than nails.

She shared the manicure via an Instagram carousel on August 30 through the Houston stop of her tour. In just a little black dress, dark shades, and hair as black as squid ink, she gives her best top-model pose in the backseat of an automobile. Undoubtedly, she looks stunning, therefore do these nails. Not just one of the trio of photos includes a clear shot of the stiletto-shaped manicure; however, the blue claws are so vibrant your eyes are attracted to them regardless. It’s hard to inform precisely what is happening with this particular manicure, but we’re loving everything about any of it.

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