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Kelis Says IT HAD BEEN Stupid & Disrespectful Of Beyonce To Sample Her On Renaissance Without Her Knowledge, Also Takes Shots At Pharrell


Cats out from the bag, Roomies! Kelis took to Instagram to clarify her vague reaction to the news headlines that shes been sampled on Beyoncs new album and she didn’t restrain.

Once we previously reported, an Instagram page owned by Kelis made a vague comment concerning the disrespect she received from three parties. The account stated that the Im Bossy artist had not been notified about being sampled on the album.

In several lengthy videos on the gram, Kelis expressed her frustration with the team behind Beys albumname dropping Beyonc, Pharrell, and Chad. She even called Beyoncs actions stupid and disrepsectful as she explained the plight of a black woman artist in the music industry.

Im a individual therefore i get ticked off and I get pissed off, right. Im on artist so Im sensitive about my sh*t. The truth is that my real beef isn’t just with Beyonc because by the end of your day she sampled an archive, shes copied me before, shes sampled before. So have a great many other artists. Its fine. I dont value that. The problem is that not merely are we female artists, black female artists within an industry where theres not that lots of folks, weve met one another, we know one another, we’ve mutual friends, its easy. She can contactIts just common decency.

A very important factor is for certain, Kelis was sitting on what she said, and slightly touched on comments made about whether she owns her masters.

I understand what I own and what I dont own. I also know the lies which were told. I also know things that were stolenpublishing was stolen. Individuals were swindled out of rights. It happens constantly, especially in the past. So its not about me being mad about BeyoncShes one issue since it was stupid and disrespectful and she shouldve at the very least reached out however the real issue may be the proven fact that people like Pharrell and like Chad. Pharrell knows better. It is a direct hit at me. Its very petty.

Neither Beyonc or Pharrell have made statements concerning the situation.

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