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Kenya awaits outcomes of close presidential election

/ Source: Associated Press

Kenyans are looking forward to the outcomes of aclose but calm presidential electionin that your turnout was less than usual.

Tuesdays election was likely the ultimate try by longtime opposition leader Raila Odinga, who on his fifth attempt was backed by former rival and outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta. Another top contender is Deputy President William Ruto, who fell out with the president earlier within their decade in power.

Voters have expressed little hope of real change and frustration withrising prices and widespread corruptionin East Africas economic hub. Both top candidates are long recognized to Kenyans, Odinga as a democracy campaigner and former political detainee and Ruto as a wealthy populist who plays up his humble youth as a contrast to dynasties that produced Odinga and Kenyatta.

The presidents backing of Odinga cut over the usual ethnic lines which have long defined elections and contributed to violence. This time around there is absolutely no candidate from Kenyas largest ethnic group, the Kikuyu, though both top candidates chose Kikuyu running mates.

Official election results should be announced inside a week of the vote, but theres some anticipation successful may be known Wednesday. The electoral commission still must verify results forms via in the united states. A lot more than 92% of results forms from the over 46,000 polling centers have been delivered to the commission Wednesday morning.

A runoff election will undoubtedly be held if no candidate receives a lot more than 50% of votes.

The commission has said it expected turnout to be above 60%, less compared to the 80% in the last election in 2017. A lot more than 22 million individuals were registered to vote, however, many told The Associated Press they doubted they might bother, dispirited by economic challenges including high national debt and widespread unemployment.

A comparatively uneventful election may be welcome. On the eve of the vote, Kenyas government reminded individuals who this is a CONTEST, not just a FIGHT. A contest will need to have successful, and a loser. In a fight, life can often be lost.

People queue to vote at a primary school polling station in Masurura, Kenya on Tuesday. Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP – Getty Images

Kenyans have a tendency to say elections are calm and troubles come later. A lot more than 1,000 individuals were killed after 2007 election results were announced and Odinga alleged massive rigging. In 2017, the high court overturned the election results, an initial in Africa, after Odinga alleged irregularities. He boycotted the new election and declared himself the peoples president, drawing accusations of treason.

A handshake with Kenyatta calmed that crisis, setup their unusual alliance and angered Ruto, who still accuses the president of betrayal.

Both Odinga and Ruto have said they’ll accept the outcomes provided that the vote is free and fair.

Already, reported troubles are the failure around 200 voting kits out greater than 46,000 in the united states. The electoral commission called it not widespread and normal for technology to breakdown sometimes.

Kenyans have weekly from the announcement of official leads to file any court challenges. The court has fourteen days to rule. A brand new election will be held within 60 days.

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