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Kim Kardashian defeats Hillary Clinton in round of legal trivia

August 24, 2022 | 1: 31pm

Aspiring attorney Kim Kardashian may take pride in having defeated former US Secretary of Stateand presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a round of legal trivia.

The pair went face to face for Hillary and daughter Chelsea Clintons upcoming documentary seriesGutsy, arriving at Apple TV+ Sept. 9.

Kim Kardashian.
Kim Kardashian bested Hillary Clinton in a round of legal trivia.
Apple +

I believe Kim comes with an unfair advantage, Hillary stated before the overall game, with Chelsea adding, Kim has studied recently than you in the preview published by People.

After Chelsea asked the truth star and the former practicing attorney a number of questions on the usage of deadly force, extortion, robbery and self-defense, Kardashian, 41, came up victorious with a score of 11 to Hillarys 4.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.
Hillary and Chelsea Clinton host new documentary series Gutsy on Apple TV+.
Apple +

Oh, it had been heartbreaking! Hillary, 74, told Folks of losing.

Kardashian passed Californias baby bar exam in December 2021 after failing 3 x.

Kim Kardashian.
Kardashian passed the infant bar in December 2021.

OMFGGGG I PASSED THE INFANT BAR EXAM!!!! Kardashian excitedly announced via Instagram at that time. Looking in the mirror, I’m really pleased with the girl looking back today in the reflection. This wasnt easy or handed if you ask me. I failed this exam three times in 24 months, but I acquired back up every time and studied harder and tried again until I did so it!!!

Duringan April 2022 interview, the Skims founder whose late father, Robert Kardashian, was an effective lawyer said her dream was to start her very own firm.

Kim Kardashian.
The truth star hopes to 1 day open her very own lawyer.

I imagine one day developing a successful lawyer, she told Vogue Hong Kong. I needed to be really diligent about studying and dedicated every spare minute I had to it. Im very passionate about criminal justice reform, and I wish to advocate for individuals who I feel these were wrongfully convicted.

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