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Kim Shui Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear

The identity of the Kim Shui girl is winged, similar to the dragons that adorn her garments, unbound.

That sentence appeared in the initial paragraph of Kim Shuis spring show notes, however the words felt dissonant in comparison to her runway. These clothes didnt really soar, plus some pieces were burdened with elaborate details (see, for instance, sleeved tops, one sleeve short one sleeve long, with big bell cuffs on each). The slow soundtrack and slow-moving models did little to include energy.

There have been some high points, though. One notable choice was Shuis inclusion of fitted, silver-tasseled pseudo capelets (football gear). These were interesting, in a great way. Another was a comparatively simple-in-shape dress with gathered cap sleeves. Its twist was that it had been printed with 784 crowdsourced images, creating an ostensible social media marketing grid on the garment. It had been probably the most engaging try the complete lineupsadly, there is only 1 example that included the motif.

The irony of the aforementioned is that, in observing the crowd, the Kim Shui girls, there exists a sense of winged confidence and edginess among her fanbaseand maybe they’ll react to this catwalk offering once it hits shelves. Upping the power and tightening the conceit wouldve helped, however.

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