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Kinematics Announces Field Service Support

NEWS RELEASE Sep 9, 2022 09: 00 MST

PHOENIX, September 9, 2022 ( – Kinematics,, a global leader in intelligent motion control, is well known because of its great customer support and responsiveness. To be able to further improve the customer experience, they will have hired Jesse Krach to supply ongoing field services to make sure customers are fully supported once their products come in the field.

Kinematics’ drives are really reliable and can provide years of trouble-free performance. Developing their Field Service capability can be an important part of supporting their customers well beyond the warranty period, and ensuring their drives continue steadily to perform as required.

Jesse Krach has been employed in the field for Kinematics since May 2022.”I’ve specialized training and over 20 years of experience in mechanical and electrical repair and troubleshooting. This experience gives me the data and capability to repair and keep maintaining a number of systems confidently.”Krach happens to be doing post-installation, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, re-greasing, and repair of slewing drives on solar trackers.

Kinematics will undoubtedly be expanding its new Field Service team to really have the capacity to respond quickly when issues arise in the field, whatever the age or configuration of the merchandise.This approach will undoubtedly be especially good for customers that are past warranty and searching for cost-effective means of maintaining or enhancing system performance.

“It’s about giving our customers satisfaction. You want to be sure that they know, around, they’re always likely to be producing power,” says Kyle Zech, Senior Vice President of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, “They are able to be sure mental box and understand that they don’t need to find out when they’re due for a maintenance cycle. Or should they run into a concern, and they don’t possess the expertise to comprehend what the problem might be, they are able to depend on us.”

For Kinematics, ensuring the client is running well without worry is really a main factor in developing a sustainable, connected future.

About Kinematics

Kinematics: Intelligent Motion Control for a Sustainable, Connected Future. For pretty much three decades Kinematics has delivered customized, robust answers to customers with mission-critical applications. With a number of motion control solutions, there’s virtually nothing we can not do to fulfill our customers’ needs.

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