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Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass And Who Won Them

The Coalition Invasion could very well be probably the most exciting events in the annals of Kingdom and real-world China.

The states of Zhao, Chu, Wei, Yan, and Han formed an alliance to wipe Qin off the map. This Coalition Army fought the Qin Army at Kankoku or Hangu Pass, a near-impenetrable mountain pass offering sole usage of Qins capital, Kanyou.

Qin gathered its best generals and assembled near 300,000 troops to oppose the 540,000 troops of the Coalition Army. This Battle of Kankoku Pass occurred over 17 days between your armies of the Qin generals and the armies of the Coalition.

In this post, I will proceed through each one of the major battle attempts that occurred at Kankoku Pass and which side emerged victorious.

Who attacked the walls of Kankoku Pass? Who defended them?

The Wei Army led by Go Hou Mei and the Han Army led by Sei Kai fought on the walls of Kankoku Pass with Mou Gou, Kan Ki, Chou Tou and their armies.

Go Hou Mei raised multiple siege towers to create down the Kankoku walls. He succeeded in targeting Chou Tous location with the initial tower, but Kan Ki burned down the next one before it might reach his location.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Kan Ki | Source: IMDb

Chou Tou could rebel the Wei soldiers but on the 7th day, the Han Army fired a potent poison on the Qin Army fighting along with the Kankoku Pass walls. Chou Tou became infected with the poison catapulted by Sei Kai. The Wei Army started to attack with siege crossbows so that they could climb the walls.

On the 15th day, Kan Ki entered the battlefield utilizing a special tactic. He and his men dressed as Wei soldiers head towards the Han HQ. Chou Tou, who was simply dying, left Mou Gou to cope with the battle on the walls, and joined Kan Kis units to invade Hans HQ.

1. Chou Tou vs. Sei Kai: Who won?

Despite the fact that Chou Tou was poisoned by Sei Kai, he fought in combat alongside Kan Kis units and killed Sei Kai. After slaying the Han commander-in-chief, the poison took over and Chou Tou succumbed and died.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Chou Tou And Sei Kai | Source: Fandom

2. Kan Ki vs. Wei and Han Armies: Who won?

Kan Ki could successfully infiltrate and destroy Han HQ disguised as Wei soldiers and was also in a position to dismantle the siege weapons before escaping the battlefield.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Kan Ki vs. Wei and Han Armies | Source: Fandom

3. Mou Gou vs. Wei and Han Armies: Who won?

After being put into charge by Chou Tou, Mou Gou continued to shoot arrows on the siege battle.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Mou Gou vs. Wei and Han Armies | Source: Fandom

His forces were spread thin and both Han and Wei were able to climb the walls of Kankoku Pass. With Ka Rins scheme of attacking the gates, Mou Gou was struggling to protect the Pass.

Who attacked the proper side of the Kankoku Pass? Who defended it?

The Chu Army led by commander-in chief Kan Mei, 1st army general Rin Bu Kun, and 2nd army general Ka Rin fought Mou Bu and Tou on the proper side of Kankoku Pass.

On the 1st day itself, Rin Bou, who was simply Tous second vassal, tried to complete Rin Bu Kun who was simply attacking Tous units. But Haku Rei, among the 10 Bows of China, sniped and killed Rin Bou from the distance.

1. Tou vs. Rin Bu Kun: Who won?

Tou slayed Chu General Rin Bu Kun on the 1st day of battle after Rin Bou was killed. This played an integral role in securing Qins center.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Tou vs. Rin Bu Kun | Source: Fandom

2. Tou vs. Ka Rin: Who won?

Following the fall of Chus 1st army, the two 2nd army was forced to attack without their assistance. On the 15th day, Ka Rin used war elephants as a cover to surround Tous army.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Tou vs. Ka Rin | Source: Fandom

Tou was forced to slide out of his square defensive formation to displace his commander Mou Ten. In response, Ka Rin sent his commander Kou Yoku to kill Tou. Ka Rins commander, Kou Yoku fought on equal footing with Tou.

3. Mou Bu vs. Kan Mei: Who won?

Mou Bu killed Kan Mei, the symbol of strength for the Coalition Army. He struck the Coalition Army into retreating to Sai. Were it not for him, the Coalition could have won on the fields.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Mou Bu vs. Kan Mei | Source: Fandom

Following the 1st Chu army is defeated by Tou, Ka Rins 2nd army and Kan Meis units advanced towards the proper side of Kankoku. Mou Bu charged toward them utilizing the famous Echelon formation, created by the fantastic strategist Shou Hei Kun himself.

Ka Rin who had reached nearer to the battle playing out, sent Ka En, her brother, to kill Mou Bu so Kan Mei could win. But Mou Ten, who had previously been appointed by Tou to attack as he pleased, had followed Ka Rin and intercepted Ka En.

Kan Mei slashed Mou Ten, who began bleeding out. Enraged, his dad, Mou Bu swung his mace and crushed Kan Meis check out a pulp.

Who attacked the left side of the Kankoku Pass? Who defended it?

The Yan Army led by Ordo fought Ou Sen on the left side of Kankoku Pass.

1. Ou Sen vs. Ordo: Who won?

Yan began attacking Ou Sens fortress on the left mountain way to the Kankoku Pass. This is a surprise attack led by Great General Ordo, who was simply been trained in mountain warfare. Because of Ou Sens quick tactical thinking, he beat Ordo, but was forced to retreat ultimately.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Ou Sen vs. Ordo | Source: Fandom

Ou Sen predicted Ordos moves and could slaughter 8000 of Ordos elite mountain tribe soldiers by trapping them. Ordo was struggling to fight Ou Sen further and was then intercepted by Ka Rins elite soldiers.

2. Ou Sen vs. Ka Rin: Who won?

Following the Chu commander-in-chief Kan Meis death, Ka Rin pressed her troops to keep penetrating the Pass. She snuck 5000 of her elite soldiers through the gates and caused chaos as her men confusing with Qin, Chu, and Wei soldiers.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Ou Sen vs. Ka Rin | Source: Fandom

Ka Rin almost got full control of the gate, but Ou Sen saw through her scheme and descended left side of the Pass after outsmarting Ordo. Frustrated that she had failed, Ka Rin blamed Ordo and stalled before upshot of the battle of Sai.

Who attacked the farther right side of the Kankoku Pass? Who defended it?

The Zhao Army led by Ri Boku, the commander-in-chief Kei Sha, and aided by Great General Hou Ken and Generals Kou Son Ryuu, Ri Haku, Man Goku, Shin Sei Jou, and Son Sei fought Duke Hyuu and Shin on Bu Pass.

Duke Hyous army initiated the battle by fighting Ri Haku and his army on the 1st day itself. Shin and his unit aided Duke Hyou in the attack against Zhao.

1. Shin vs. Man Goku: Who won?

Shin and the Hi Shin Unit saved Duke Hyou when Wei were going to trap them in a Pincer formation.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Shin vs. Man Goku | Source: IMDb

Functioning on his newly awakened instinct, Shin decrease General Man Goku and killed him, counterattacking Zhao with 10,000 of his soldiers.

2. Duke Hyou vs. Ri Boku: Who won?

On the 15th day, Heki arrived to aid Duke Hyou and Shin contrary to the Zhao Army. Heki used psychological warfare against Kou Son Ryuu, evoking the Zhao Army to retreat.

Kingdom: Every Major Battle Attempt at Kankoku Pass & Who Won Them
Duke Hyou vs. Ri Boku | Source: Fandom

On the 16th day, Hyou used his brilliant instinctual abilities to penetrate Ri Bokus Ryuudou strategy because the latter tried to attack the lesser defended entrance to Kanyou. But Ri Boku unveils his trump card, i.e., Hou Ken, who kills him.

Ri Boku basically used the complete Battle of Kankoku Pass as bait to siege Sai. His army entered the Bu Pass and attacked multiple Qin cities on the path to Kanyou.

While Ri Boku and his army of 40,000 battled the Yo Tan Wa Army and Ei Sei at Sai, the Qin Army and the Coalition Army engaged in minor battles with the only real reason for stalling one another.

Once the news came of Ri Bokus defeat, the Coalition Amry officially retreated from Kankoku Pass and the battle was announced as over, with Qins overall victory.

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