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Kiriko New Overwatch Hero Leaks Confirmed by Blizzard

This week saw an Overwatch streamer leak a fresh hero following a content creator meeting. And then be debunked by Blizzard. Who then proceeded to leak another hero themselves. Kiriko, a fresh Overwatch hero, appears to have leaked with a mistaken update from Blizzard on the Overwatch Season One Battle Pass.

Thats likely to replace loot boxes in-game. Heres whats been confirmed and denied concerning the upcoming content in Overwatch 2.

Kiriko Overwatch

Kirko New Hero Leaks

As Overwatch 2 is drawing nearer to release, lots of eyes are on potential leaks. Two new heroes have already been announced up to now. Sojourn was added in the original content batch. That has been accompanied by Junker Queen through the beta period. With the entire free-to-play release to arrive October, players tend expecting a substantial amount of news on Overwatch. While nothing official has come up to now, a good leak has just appeared.

A leak unveiled up to now says another hero is Kiriko. This is a fox girl Support hero. The names of some legendary skins were also released. It is a little more promising than past leaks. It originates from an apparent update to Blizzards website on the Battle Pass of the overall game, it included information regarding the many tiers. The Battle Pass appears to add a new legendary skin for Overwatchs latest hero Kiriko.

This hero will probably be section of the Season one Battle Pass. Blizzard has taken care of immediately the leak.

May be the Kirko Leak Real

Blizzard developers have addressed the rumored leaks. Unlike past leaks, they havent denied that one. However, they will have clarified some information.

Overwatch 2 New Support Hero, Fox Girl ‘Kiriko’ Revealed

Mythic Skin: Demon Genji

New Hero: Kiriko(Fox)

Hinotori Kiriko Legendary Skin

And the brand new #Overwatch2 Heroes can be acquired by unlocking the free track, even though you haven’t purchased the Battle Pass

Naeri X (@OverwatchNaeri) September 8, 2022

This makes clear the brand new heroes will be section of the Battle Pass in the years ahead. However, they’ll be free releases. This implies players could have never to pay to obtain all of the heroes. However they will need to play. It is a move that not everyone in the Overwatch community seems too happy about, locking characters behind progression. However, it can bring it consistent with other more current games like Apex Legends. Keeping the heroes within the free Battle Pass has already been a noticable difference over games like Apex which tend to be more aggressively monetized.

Overwatch 2 Leaks

This isnt the initial big leak ahead out of Overwatch 2, or to address the brand new fox hero. A previous leak for the type claimed the characters name was Kimiko. In addition, it seemed to confirm their abilities, which allowed for great motility, ninja weapons, alongside an energy candy. That has been alongside various other abilities as an AOE attack. This leak proved never to be true.

The existing leak appears to concur that the name was close. Kirko, isnt too much. However, all of those other leak is discredited too. Jon Spector taken care of immediately the leak to verify that it had been fake.

Up to now, all we realize for certain concerning the new character is this leak. We’ve the characters name alongside some information regarding release, also it seems were consistently getting more news on what the Battle Pass will probably work too. Look out for further Overwatch 2 news once we draw in to the final countdown.

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