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Kith Fall 2022 Menswear

Kith founder Ronnie Fieg is big into fabrics. This year has a large amount of novelty fabrics, he says at a scheduled appointment. Personally i think every season its turn into a challenge, and an activity basically, for all of us to one-up what weve done the entire year before for exactly the same season.

If last fall he celebrated Kiths 10th anniversary by leaning right into a neutral palette of humble, easy silhouettes, this year he was less conspicuous along with his style statements. Chief included in this is really a beautiful floral tapestry fabric shown as a striking full look: a chore jacket with brown suede trim collar and patch pocket details, worn with matching loose fitting trousers, a matching tote bag, and, needless to say, a matching New Era Yankee hat. A striped chenille fabric in shades of moss green and brown was useful for a vintage chore coat (with a matching bucket hat), nonetheless it shone brightest as a set of trousers that anchored a fuzzy cheetah-print cardigan with black trim, and peeked out just so from underneath a slick olive jacket with a distinctive sheen and matte feel.

Personally i think like there exists a amount of time in the forex market today where there must be an extremely strong viewpoint, Fieg explains. Its gotten more sophisticated, and the [Kith] guy is certainly looking to find out which prints he is able to wear together, guess what happens After all? Standouts included killer paisley-embossed leather pieces, and a paisley print-flocked denim, that was converted to a groovy Canadian tuxedo. The comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who stars in the Kith fall campaign, called it his date-night look. (Seinfeld, an alum of Queens College, was the most obvious choice to announce the brands capsule collection with Queens College and Brooklyn College developed in collaboration with Russell Athletics.) Fieg can be continuing his ongoing collaborations with New Balance and Clarks Originals.

Meanwhile Kiths womenswear is becoming sharper and much more defined. Fiegs favorite looks: a collegiate knit cardigan from his Russell collaboration worn with a set of plaid track pants and deep brown loafers (no socks), and a heather gray polo buttoned completely up and layered underneath a beige cable knit v-neck cardigan and plaid track jacket and cargo pants. Fiegs is really a cool and casual tomboy-ish vision that’s not often observed in the marketplace. Its been seven years [that weve been doing] womenswear and were finally engaging in this groove of sophistication that I must say i am more comfortable with. He should keep grooving for the reason that direction.

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