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Kodak Black Donating $50k Worth of Water to Haitian Victims of Gang Violence

Kodak Black I’m Helping Out Haitians … FORGET ABOUT Going Thirsty!!!

8/24/2022 12: 45 AM PT

Kodak Black is lending a significant hand to Haitians take off from water and food — because of extreme gang violence — by sending a lot more than 35,000 bottles of H2O.

Kodak found out about the Caribbean nation’s crisis, and made a decision to do something to greatly help the problem — dropping $50k to obtain tons of water in bottles shipped there from Florida … based on the rapper’s attorney, Bradford Cohen.

We’re told Kodak is using cargo ships to send over alkaline water, and labels on the bottles read “LAST” because Kodak wants this to function as last time anyone in Haiti goes without water.

After the shipment reaches Haiti … Kodak and his team will work with Haitian government officials to guarantee the bottles reach their intended destinations.

Cohen says Kodak is calling for a ceasefire in the rising gang violence that’s turning Haiti right into a war zone … and the water donation is merely his latest part of a continuing effort to greatly help the island.

Along with making certain Haitians don’t go thirsty, we’re told Kodak previously donated to orphanages and food banks on the island to obtain folks healthcare.

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