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KOOL for Men Joins A large number of Brands Going Cruelty-Free

A large number of companies ‘re going cruelty-free, but KOOL for Mens ban on testing its products on animals is really a core value for the business.

Whenever we started, we made cruelty-free important, said Todd Hewitt, director and co-founder of KOOL for Men.We never test products on animals.

KOOL for Men products may also be free from glutenand potentially harmful ingredients, such assulfates, parabens, phthalates, polyethylene glycol, petroleum byproducts, or synthetic perfumes and fragrances.

We developed our health and wellness patches without needing many chemicals that other brands purchased, said Carlos Calvo Rodriguez, director and co-founder of the business. We wish people and the planet healthy and safe.

KOOL for Men also donates apercentage of its sales to aid the GO Campaign, a business that delivers children all over the world with usage of education, health care, shelter, food, clean water, and enrichment.

We have been pleased with our company and we wish our consumers to be pleased with us, aswell, Hewitt and Calvo Rodriguez said.

KOOL for Men nutritional patches include:

  • Energypatches with Caffeine, Taurine, GREEN TEA HERB, and Vitamins B3, B, B6, and B-12.
  • Joint mobilitypatches with Glucosamine, Zinc, Turmeric, and Copper disc
  • Calm patches with Valerian Officinalis, Humulus Lupulus, and Passiflora Incarnatia.
  • Immunity Supportpatches with antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory herbs which are recognized to enhance immunity by boosting circulation and helping your body fight infection.
  • Male Enduranceincludes a potent mixture of herbs, minerals, along with other natural substances that assist in improving performance.

KOOL for Mens health patches are hassle-free to utilize.

All you need to accomplish is peel and place the patch on your own body, Hewitt and Calvo Rodriguez said. Because the nutrients inside our patches aren’t diluted by gastrointestinal acids, you obtain the entire power of our ingredients.

It is possible to take our patches anywhere you go. You don’t have for bottles, pills, contains, or water, they added.

KOOL for Men health patches can be found on Amazonand

About KOOL for Men

As today’s, active, intentional man, KOOL for Men knows you’re constantly striving to call home your very best life. Whether personally or professionally, your mission would be to create a positive effect on both world around you and yourself. Your goal would be to look better, feel much better, perform better, do better, and live better. We have been here to greatly help with this innovative type of clean, effective products specifically made for you personally.

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