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LA City Council Proposes to Open Vacant ROOMS IN HOTELS for the Homeless

LA City Council can look to pass legislation that could open vacant resort rooms for homeless people. If the legislation passes, every LA hotel must report vacancies. The measure states:

Each hotel shall communicate to the Department or its designee, in an application that the Department prescribes, by 2 p.m. every day the amount of available rooms at the hotel for that night.

This is actually the wrong approach by the LA City Council. Needless to say, some families lost their jobs, couldnt afford rent, and were forced to become homeless. Those families or people who are not addicted or mentally ill and/or who’ve children ought to be sheltered.

However, people that have an addiction problem, whether its a drug or alcohol problem, and the ones with mental illness, ought to be approached differently. Under governors Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, and mayor Eric Garcetti, LA and hawaii of California have failed on the homelessness issue for a long time. Addiction, mental illness, and the fentanyl crisis lead the drive to homelessness. The leaders must end the fentanyl crisis, since it is pouring in to the United States; they need to hire mental healthcare workers, and start more rehabilitation centers, while funding missions to shelter the homeless while each goes through rehab.

LA should take exactly the same approach as Helping Up Mission in Baltimore, Maryland. Throughout their grand opening of the womens center, the mission showcased former homeless women, who experienced the missions rehabilitation program and today work with the mission and also have returned with their regular lives.

Drugs and drug abuse issues are ravaging LAs unhoused population. I’ve an idea to crack down on illicit drug manufacturing and offer support to those that require it most. Find out more about my intend to help Angelenos reunite on the feet at

Rick J. Caruso (@RickCarusoLA) July 29, 2022

Thomas Franklin, who’s a night auditor at the Beverly Hills Marriot in West LA, was homeless 10 years back, and he described a chaotic experience while surviving in a transitional housing program. This program had 24-hour staff and security readily available. He told the town council members:

With all the current drugs, all of the fighting we didn’t have the support to make it an effective program there With no a clearly defined support from policing and mental services, theres no chance that I believe that is a thing that we should be in a position to do.

Mina Dahya owns a hotel in Hollywood; she actually is against this proposal.

I’m compassionate of the homeless people. I wish to care for them. But I dont think my staff and I will be ready to do the combination where I’ve a paid guest sticking to a homeless voucher guest nearby.

Hotel manager Juan Martinez opposed the proposal, aswell, saying:

It is a bad idea. Folks are not likely to feel safe. My staff won’t feel safe, therefore i think that is wrong,

LA Council Member Joe Buscaino said:

What the measure does is hurts our tourism industry, which we heavily depend on, in a period when we are receiving ready for the Olympics.

He called this proposition:

The dumbest measure Ive observed in my 10-year tenure as a City Council member Its the worst of most options since it pertains to solving homelessness in the town of LA.

The LA City Council should reconsider this proposition since it is not the best method of solving the homelessness crisis.

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