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Last Call: Dave Grohls The Storyteller

Life is simply too damn short to let someone elses opinion steer the wheel.

Dave Grohl, The Storyteller

In 2013, I was playing a Halloween party at Paul Allens Beverly Hills home/studio. It had been a surreal gig, playing Season of the Witch with Donovan while supermodels, musicians, titans of industry, and celebrities like Sacha Baron Cohen, Dan Aykroyd, and Gina Gershon weaved round the packed yet spacious and spooky dance floor. Right before me, dressed as an Amish farmer, was Dave Grohl bobbing his check out the music. I held out my guitar to him and shouted, DO YOU WISH TO PLAY? He shrugged his shoulders like, you will want to, jumped onstage, took my Les Paul, and proceeded to play for 90 minutes, virtually nailing every cover song requested by the crowd.

It had been an impromptu jam at a celebration, but Grohl turned it into an epic performance, putting everything into every song, hitting the high notes by screaming like his life depended onto it while beating my guitar enjoy it owed him money. I recall thinking, Man, no wonder he is really a two-time Stone Hall of Famer. He gets it.

I hadnt considered that for a long time until the other day, when Dave Grohl explained his life story during the period of 10.5 hours as he browse the audio version of his autobiography, The Storyteller.

Right before me, dressed as an Amish farmer, was Dave Grohl bobbing his check out the music. I held out my guitar to him and shouted, DO YOU WISH TO PLAY?

If youre a musician, you understand people just like the young, pre-Nirvana Grohl: the seemingly misguided who dropped out of senior high school to tour with a lot of grown men in a dodgy van, sleep in abandoned squats, and survive on an eating plan of gas station corn dogs, generic cigarettes, and other things that a $7 per diem will get you. Most professional musicians proceed through an identical rite of passage if they first forsake all good sense, security, and comfort to play music regular. Check back with those friends 10 to 30 years later and youll hear plenty of storiessome sad, some triumphant, but few more inspiring than Grohls. Examine these differences between Grohls experience along with other sadder versions of parallel musicians lives.

Grohl devote the task.

Before he previously drums, Grohl learned to play by hitting pillows in his small childhood home and making drumbeats along with his mouth when no kit or pillows were available. He played and listened continuously, learning every song by his favorite bands. So, when Scream auditioned drummers, he already knew the complete catalog, proving that success is when preparedness and opportunity intersect.

Grohl had the humility to pay attention and learn on the way.

Like many young drummers, Grohl was shoehorning fills into every space, thinking he was killing it. 1 day, Scream bassist Skeeter Thompson forced Grohl to obtain high and play one particular groove without the fills for 30 minutes. Grohl described it as breaking a wild pony. I understand plenty of young drummers who cannot or wouldn’t normally do that. Consequently, they never reach another level.

Grohl puts everything into every performance.

When Nirvana saw this skinny kid playing the shit out of his drums for the tiny crowd at a Scream show, they knew he was the guy. I see guys onstage checking their texts between songs or looking bored. If youre likely to play, maintain it. Every gig isn’t just a performance. Its an audition for another gig.

Grohl said, Its hard to place into words the belief I’ve in music. If you ask me, it really is God. A divine mystery in whose power I’ll forever hold an unconditional trust. Weve all met wild-eyed Law of Attraction zealots who consider the universe as a divine vending machine, where you say the magic words, believe with all of your might, and obtain the shining prize you crave. Its not concerning the prize; its concerning the journey: the rejection, embarrassment, discomfort, and lessons you learn on the way. The reward is that you feel the individual youre said to be. I suspect the secret to manifesting your destiny would be to progress trusting that whats happening for you is happening for you personally. Big dreams remain a clear distraction from true to life unless you devote the task, sacrifice, and hustle to create it happen.

Honestly, if, like Grohl, you steadfastly work, keep your mind/soul open, say yes, be grateful, and put all of your heart involved with it, eventually, amazing things may happen to you. It’ll be a wild ride filled with soul-crushing and soul-expanding experiences that may lead you where youre said to be. Which may be rich and famous or poor and anonymous, but when you can find happiness in a single, you should have it in another aswell.

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