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Lawrenceville, GA Author Publishes Adult Action Novel

Zebulon Angell and the Shadow Army, a fresh book by Chris Riker, has been released on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Wouldbe songwriter and hardliving Uber driver Zebulon Angell stumbles onto a sex candy, launching him on an adventure which makes him the mark of shady corporate players and ultimately leads him in the notsoempty tomb of China’s first emperor. Zebulon Angell’s life within an upscale suburb of Atlanta is really a hot mess. He’s scraping by and barely surviving their own mistakes. Things have a bizarre twist whenever a monkey arises dead in his wife’s luxury SUV. This leads him to “Tiger Penis,” a sex boost, love potion, and perhaps another thing. Zebulon and his buddy, Nitro, end up being the front men for something that may be worth billions, however they quickly end up in over their heads. Zebulon’s estranged wife may be the chief scientist focusing on Tiger Penis and contains had enough of her husband’s failings. Zebulon’s boss is really a seductress who definitely has her very own agenda. Zebulon is confident he’s around the task. He’s not.

If Indiana Jones and James Bond teamed up with Travis Bickle, they’d still have trouble digging out from the chaos Zebulon Angell creates for himself. Zebulon Angell and the Shadow Army mixes sex, the supernatural, history, international intrigue, and sharp wit to conjure up a wild ride with a spirited finale in the realm of the Son of Heaven.

Concerning the Author

Chris Riker is really a father, author, and journalist. He was raised in Rhode Island and today makes his home in Georgia along with his wife, Ping. He’s got always loved books, from science fiction and fantasy to historical novels and biographies. Building on a background in broadcast news, including a five-year stint at CNNI, he could be now centered on telling stories with strong characters and moral resonance. Chris Riker’s premiere novel, Come the Eventide, targets a world following the fall of civilization and a dolphin named Muriel who’s attempting to save mankind from extinction. It really is currently available on Amazon and Audible. His second novel, Zebulon Angell and the Shadow Army, follows a hard-living Uber driver from Atlanta who happens upon a sex pill, resulting in intrigues and adventures that take him to the not-so-empty tomb of China’s first emperor. Chris continues writing and happens to be finishing his fourth novel.

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Zebulon Angell and the Shadow Army is really a 256-page paperback with a retail price of $16.95 (eBook $9.49). The ISBN is 978-1-63710-705-8. Discover the book for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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