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Liberal Narratives Implode With NYC’s New Reaction to Illegal Aliens Bused from Texas

This week appears to have been the week once the liberals just proved how empty almost all their claims about sanctuary cities are really, because they descended into not in my own backyard hysterics in regards to a few illegal aliens being delivered to Kamala Harris in D.C. and about 50 being delivered to the liberal enclave of Marthas Vineyard. Works out once we reported, the liberal enclave couldnt even cope with the situation for two days before they packed the illegal aliens on buses, and shipped them away to Joint Base Cape Cod, to be taken care of by the National Guard.

However the liberals NIMBY response doesnt end there. Works out now that NY, which boasts about being truly a sanctuary city and contains a law that they need to house everyone now says they arent in a position to cope with it, after getting thousands of illegal aliens from Texas in the last couple of months.

In a statement on Wednesday, Adams whined about Abbotts busing policy which has inundated the town with a large number of migrants and left several 60 without usage of a shelter on Monday.

He said: In this new and unforeseen reality, where we expect thousands more to reach every week in the years ahead, the citys system is nearing its breaking point.

Because of this, the citys prior practices, which never contemplated the bussing of a large number of people into NEW YORK, should be reassessed.

Although some may choose to use these extraordinary circumstances being an possibility to play an unproductive game of gotcha, we remain centered on supporting each one of these individuals and families who need our citys help.

Up to now Texas has sent 11,000 migrants by bus to ny, with the most recent group arriving from El Paso.

Joe Bidens Border Patrol has been releasing thousands in to the streets of El Paso around 1400-2000 each day therefore the Democrat-led city has been sending them to NEW YORK.

NEW: The Democrat-led city of El Paso, TX has been sending its buses of migrants to NYC, & the town says they’re so overwhelmed, they are able to send around 4 buses each day. Local CBP facilities & NGOs are overcrowded, therefore the federal gov is releasing migrants onto El Pasos streets.

Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) September 12, 2022

What’s NY doing? Theyre saying that one particular sent from Texas would prefer to head to Florida where there’s a Venezuelan community. So now, theyre shipping some of these folks to Florida.

Now, this response says so much about liberals. NY is admitting the failure of these sanctuary cities that no, even though you wished to you cant have an endless open door because ultimately they will have limited resources. Just what a surprise. Yet Biden and the Democrats want the border towns to soak up an endless level of people. Yet, NEW YORK cant even cope with 11,000 that is what El Paso gets in under fourteen days. And NEW YORK includes a much greater capacity to accommodate people than El Paso. If we have been to trust the officials in NY that the illegal aliens would prefer to maintain Florida, thats type of hilarious too. Exactly like everybody else, they dont desire to stay in NY and they desire to head to Florida. Even illegal aliens throw over NEW YORK for saner areas.

If NYC now ships them to Florida, will liberals call that human trafficking because they have already been calling the moves by Texas and Florida? Im ready to bet suddenly that goes away completely. Think about the Democratic mayor of El Paso is that human trafficking?

The reality have inflated all of the liberal narratives.

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