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Lil Duval Airlifted For Surgery After ATVAccident

On Tuesday (July 26), comedian and rapper Lil Duval was flown to a Nassau, Bahamas hospital for emergency surgery carrying out a car crash that occurred while he was riding an ATV. Duval was left with a broken leg.

Duval (who’s a homeowner in the Bahamas), took time and energy to announce the news headlines on his Instagram. Sharing a video of the paramedics transferring him from an ambulance to a plane on a stretcher, he is able to be heard moaning in pain as he could be lowered to the bottom. Duval also bears bandages on his forehead, elbows and abdomen.

Somebody hit me in they car while i was on my 4 wheeler, Lil Duval explained in the caption. Now my leg broke and i gotta get flown to nassau and also have surgery.

Even though full extent of the collision is unclear right now, Duval did post earlier that day in a since-deleted Instagram Story he was having difficulty starting the 4-wheeler. He asked his followers for help with the off-highway vehicle but will need to have finally found a method to take a ride. The 45-year-old has been recognized to share his consistent adventures including flying planes and jet skiing.

As Lil Duval may need to have a break from his escapades, VIBE wishes him a speedy recovery!

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